Video Sales Pages Gone Wild

TV-234x300aI’ve seen many debates lately about video sales pages, and whether they’re effective or not. Coincidentally, as I began writing this post, a blog announcement showed up in my inbox from Terry Dean regarding this same subject! D’oh!…

We’ll Terry did a great post, so instead of getting over detailed, I’ll simply elaborate and add to it. One thing that I’ve seen around the net lately are people debating on whether ‘video only’ sales pages vs long / short copy are more effective.

I’ve seen responses that video chases away customers, and that written copy is the only way to go. Others feel that ‘video only’ is the way to go, and to heck with writing copy.

In one of my recent posts, I talked about videos with no control functions, and how some people were irritated by them while others claimed getting great conversions off of them. I also mentioned that ultimately, my own testing has shown that I do best with a combination of both on my sales pages.

Here’s my take on it. In my case, I mostly get new prospects across my sales pages. My testing is based on these types of prospects. I think that new prospects probably are more receptive to having an option whether to view either the video, or to simply skim over the hard copy.

Some of these other marketers who are using video only to promote a product, from my observation, are getting the bulk of their traffic from email lists, including JVs & affiliates. I haven’t actually tested yet using a list / JV against other types of traffic to a video sales page, but at this point, I have a hunch that the best conversions from these ‘video only’ sales pages are coming from people who are already fans of the list owner, or were pre-sold somewhere else before being directed there.

These types of visitors are already “warm” to the idea of checking you out. A visitor who clicked on your PPC ad on the other hand, might see the video and run. Most people who don’t know you want to quickly see who you are, and what you have. If you can’t convince them why they need your product within that first critical minute, you’re toast.

For all my main sales pages, I have moved to the combination of written copy with video. This is what works best for me with my particular traffic. The only real way to know what works for you is to test it. I’ve noticed that many who tout their points of view on the subject are biased either for or against video for various reasons, without ever testing one way or another themselves.

If you want to read more about what Terry Dean has uncovered in his own test results, simply click the link below:

Terry Dean has been successfully marketing online for years, and he is definitely one of the good guys. He is one of the few that I would highly recommend.

4 thoughts on “Video Sales Pages Gone Wild”

  1. Aw man, I wanted to see Video Sales Pages with their shirts pulled up.

    Actually, I find the most effective advertising on me is the more subtle. If I go to a site I am not pleased if suddenly it is blaring sound of any kind that has me reaching for keys and buttons or even remotes, and I wind up with a speaker in my lap and my sound system is now making a high pitched sound that has now at 3 am awakened every cat and dog in the area, and my house mate has busted my door down screaming…and this has happened.

    So automation is a bad idea.

    1. @john – I can sooo relate! I almost did the classic spit take with my coffee while I was reading your reply, LOL. This has actually happened to me before too. That’s why I always hate those surprise auto-play webistes, and the same reason why I don’t normally incorporate auto-play. If the numbers ever change, then I will consider it, LOL.

  2. I enjoy video content if it adds value to the page – sales or otherwise – but not if it comes across as an annoying salesperson interfering with my reading of the content. There are probably dozens of combinations of video/audio/text that will work in different niches and no single one that is best across all of them.

    I personally prefer the manual control type where I can choose to watch/listen or not. I will often open a page in a new tab and keep reading the blog post or whatever contained the link. Sometimes this results in some rude person blathering on about the benefits of something on one of the open, but currently hidden tabs. I quickly find it and shut it down. I might help their conversions and for that I am happy but I generally do not become one of their converts. That’s the life of internet marketing I guess.

    I am going to be testing some video on my sales pages soon and I guess, in the spirit of testing, I will try it a number of ways, auto – manual – high up on the page, mid way down, etc. If I get any useful results and you’re interested, I will post them back here.


  3. Hi Michael,
    Nice reply… That’s exactly the point I was making a couple posts back. The results are very related to the niche, and the quality of the videos or written copy themselves.

    I’m also in the process of testing various positions of my videos as well. I’d love for you to share your results as well. It would be interesting to see how they match up, and how some may differ.

    Thanks again Michael!


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