Thought About Creating Physical Products?

Internet Business

Many people shy away from putting their products on a CD and shipping them out to their customers. After all, who wants to screw around with burning those CDs, getting labels for them, boxes, covers, packaging and handling the inventory. With a digital product, you simply create your product, upload it and collect revenue on your sales as people purchase and download your product. It's all automatic. An internet vending machine of sorts. So with all that said, why am I bothering to even bring up the subject of physical products?

Because what I just described regarding physical products is all old school stuff. Did you know that there is a completely painless and automatic way to create physical products? There's a company called Kunaki who will create, label, package and even provide a sales page with an order link and mail them out for you if you wish! You never even have to touch a single CD if you don't want to! Simply download their software and choose from many predefined templates for your labels & packaging. You can also create your own templates. You then simply attach your media and upload the entire contents to the Kunaki website for processing. You can do the whole process in all of 10 minutes.

The cost of producing the CDs are less than 3 bucks per CD. Want to sell them on Amazon? Kunaki will also barcode your CD jewel case covers to comply with their standards! When all is said & done, it can now actually take less effort to produce & sell a physical product than a digital product!

Even with all this, there are a couple of drawbacks even with Kunaki physical products. No affiliate programs & no way to do any type of multivariate testing. Well, it seems that James Brausch has come up with a solution. For affiliates, he has come up with a script to add to your paypal payment button which notifies Kunaki of the order and processes it automatically. This is great, because the biggest drawback I saw in the reseller program is having to risk purchasing a minimum number of the product, not knowing what your success level will be, plus messing around with shipping the product. Affiliate programs like Clickbank eliminate any risk or inventory hassles for digital products. Now it appears that James has solved this problem with Kunaki produced physical products, and I would definately be interested myself in promoting his physical products in this way. This guy's a friggin' genius (close to my level, heh heh) and if you haven't checked out his site, now is a good time to do it.

The second issue was multivariate testing. James has worked this out by using Kunaki's XML service to place orders to process to his own thank you page. With the combination of James Brausch's ingenuity and Kunaki's manufacturing power you have a formula that can't miss. He has bridged that gap between the digital and the physical!

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