The Magic Of Video Marketing

Have you ever come across an interesting e-book, software, or other product, got pretty convinced by the sales copy, but still knew nothing about the person who's selling it? I think that often times the deciding factor in a purchase is how trustworthy or even visible the author is. How willing are you to spend $47, $67, $97 or even $300 on that product that you just can't live without, but you've never heard of the author before? Is there contact info on the website? A blog? Whois Info? No? Hmmm. Visitor expectations are rising all the time and one of those expectations are that they want to know more about the person that they are buying from. Blogging is in my opinion, one of the best ways to let your visitors get to know you. Wouldn't you be more inclined to purchase from someone who has a presence on the internet and cares enough to share useful information with you? Of course! As an internet business person, this should be a vital component in your marketing system. Show people that there is more to you than some pitch man pushing your latest product. So how could you take blogging to the next level? I recently read a post on James Braush's blog where he's giving away a wireless camera to a trackback of his choice. When reading this it occurred to me that adding video to your blog IS that next level! James has probably "arrived" in the internet business world to that initial desired level. I still have some ways to go, and what better way to share this journey than by making this blog a video blog! By showing you directly through video the results of taking action on your business, I may inspire some of you out there to come out of your comfortable "sleep" and realize that this can be your reality too! Making a visual connection can allow people to understand that being successful is something tangible that you can attain, and not just something that randomly befalls a lucky few by random chance. Stick around this blog and tag along on this journey with an average guy as he transforms himself into a "2%er". Maybe you should try this on your blog. Do you sell products? Are you more likely to buy from a friend as opposed to a digital billboard? James Brausch posted a pic from a cruise that he was on a couple of weeks ago, and for me, that one pic posted on his blog created a connection between James the man, and the integrity of his products. If a single picture can speak a thousand words, just imagine what 15 frames per second can do!