The Answers to Those Magical Numbers

Well, as promised, I’m going to elaborate on the magic numbers in the last post.  Firstly, to Robert Plank I have to say nicely done!  You nailed them.  The one that stumped you (number 1) is the same one that stumped me.

Here’s the answer that James twitted back to me:

1 represents focus. There is only one of anything that is really valuable. Life, wife, self, mission, today, moment, etc.

Man, so true on all counts! Remember how I have been pushing the concept of focus in the last few posts?  That’s why I felt a little dumb when he came back with 1 representing focus.

At the same time, it further validates the importance of focus as a key element for success in your online business.  Now let’s put these elements together.

86,400 – We have this many seconds each day to spend or throw away as we please.

If you decide to spend your seconds wisely and get the biggest bang for your time-bucks, then you will invest some of it in defining your vision and your financial goals for your business.

You have to know what you want & were you want to go.  Just think if you just set off for some foreign city that you’ve never been to before without a map, a plan, or any idea where you were going to stay, or go to when you arrived?  It would be pretty tough to get around & accomplish anything if that was your mission.  You could wander aimlessly for ages, so why would you do the same thing with your internet business?

Let’s say your financial goal is $1 million in a year.  For such a large number, it’s logical to break that down into digestible pieces, so that we can make this more ‘real’.  Of course, just starting out you may want a smaller starting goal, such as $100, 000 in a year.  That’s only $274 bucks a day!  Pretty doable once you have a few decent products and a real business going.

Yes, it’s true – instant wealth with no work in the beginning resides in the realm of the tooth fairy or winning the lottery.  If this is where you are, wake up & start creating your future now so that it becomes the present that you want.

So, $1 million a year is broken down into bite size pieces so that you can get a realistic goal of what you need to make each month, week, day, etc.

Here’s a breakdown, taken from Robert Plank’s comment in the last post:

114.20 = amount per hour you would need to make 24 hrs a day to make $1 million per year
2,740 = amount you would need to make per day to earn $1M per year
19,231 = amount you would need per week to earn $1M per year
83,333 = amount you would need per month to earn $1M per year

The other two numbers are simply a reflection of what is, and the choice that has to be made as to where you want to reside.  This depends on how badly you want it.

98 = 98% of the population watches TV and works for someone else
2 = 2% of the population actually gets stuff done

If you aren’t already, and you decide that you want to be a part of the 2% club, then remember that all of the numbers above (including escaping from 98) are really only going to be feasible with the magic number 1 – focus.  This must be the center point in the wheel.

Focus on your vision and take the action to bring it into physical reality.  The keys to the kingdom are there for the taking.  All you have to do is look, lift your hand, take them, insert & turn.

P.S. – Robert Plank has some really cool software products & great online marketing advice.  You can check out his blog here:

9 thoughts on “The Answers to Those Magical Numbers”

  1. “just starting out you may want a smaller starting goal, such as $100, 000 in a year. That’s only $274 bucks a day! ”
    because 274 a day is nothing? well it is but isn’t that small.

  2. “98 = 98% of the population watches TV and works for someone else
    2 = 2% of the population actually gets stuff done”
    and how much do work alone with nobody who does somebody for u?

    3Ds last blog post – Wein und Wissen

  3. the points are high pointed, maybe its easier to get more provit when u have an better/higher aim but u shouldn’t have an to high aim because u won’t get it for the first, just let it come how it come try to get more and become better.

  4. Hi all, thanks for the great comments.

    The example of breaking down the numbers can work for any figure. The idea is to make your goal more ‘real’ in your mind, so that you can more easily remove those mental barriers to success.

    You could make your goal $10,000 per year with a daily goal of $27. 🙂

  5. u can reach every goal just follow ur goal and make it step by step, so start with an lower goal and then make is higher and higher.

  6. Another way to set a goal is to try to double your income. Lets say you made 10 $ in a month. You can say yourself “I’ll do 20 $ next month” It is not impossible and can be done. With this doubling attitude you can start with a 10 $ month and end with a 20480 $ month during a year!

  7. at the start my goal was $100 a day , i reached my goal fast and so i begun to get the hgiher goals and now my income isn’t bad. like some said you just need to follow your goal and do something to get it.

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