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Being Proactive is Hard

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Did you know that nearly everyone that jumps into the “make money online” arena spend tons of cash on how to do this, and how to do that?  Perhaps they’ll shoot out of the gate running and register a web domain & get hosting.  They might even go so far as to put up a web page with a few affiliate links (but not likely).

It’s sad, but true.  I would estimate that a good 98% out there never take any action whatsoever on the information that they purchase.  You might be thinking “well maybe that’s true, but I’m an exception.  One of these days I’m going to get moving and get myself online and making some serious bank, just as soon as I find the right system.”

Hmmm, I hope that everyone reading this blog succeeds.  That’s the point of being here, right?  The keys to success is based on two major factors.  Learning to market online, of course, but it must be followed through with taking decisive action.

This means stepping outside of the comfort zone.  This is unexplored territory, which is a scary place to be if you are to venture out into changing your future.

This is why 98% never actually follow through.  It’s more comfortable to keep ‘working on building a business’.  As long as you are ‘working on it’, you are not failing.  The down side of always ‘working on it’ is that you’re not getting anywhere either.  Before you know it, another year is shot and it’s time to make that new year’s resolution that THIS time, you are going to really do something.

If you fall in this category, do yourself a favor.  Don’t make a resolution this year.  Instead, stop what your doing right now and get that domain that you’ve been thinking about all this time.  Really!  I’m serious!  Go get it right now… I’ll just wait here until you return…

Got it?  Great….  What?  No we’re not finished yet!  Now let’s monetize it.  No matter what you heard, you need to DO something to make money.  Yes, everybody who is making anything off of the internet is selling something.

It could be affiliate marketing, or maybe you like to write and you created an ebook, report, or audio/video CD.  Ok, now let’s find a decent sales page with a similar product from another site and study it.  What is it that makes you want to buy their product?  Nothing?  Find another sales page.  Ok, now what is it?

Write out that sales page by hand to train your mind how to write decent copy and to be persuasive to your visitors.  This is a great way to improve your copywriting skills.

If you are into affiliate marketing instead, go out to some good affiliate review sites and do the same thing.  By the way, you can learn the ropes of affiliate marketing here.

Now download a copy of Kompozer and create your sales page.  Sign up for a Clickbank account and put your product into the affiliate system.  The cost to register your product is $49.  If you’re broke right now, get a PayDotCom account instead… Your first product is free to sell through them.

Paste your payment link into your sales page and viola! you’re in business!  See?  That wasn’t so hard.  Now you can drive traffic to your site.  That will be the subject of my next post.

Staying in a reactive cycle of broke and searching for opportunities is much easier than being proactive, getting out of your comfort zone, and going for it.

Remember what I’ve said before; being broke is a direct result of inaction.  Inaction to build your business.  Inaction to spend your money wisely, etc… etc.

Act on getting your online business started and you will quickly see that actually DOING is a lot easier than you think!

Beef Up Your Conversions For Free

Here’s a talking head video featuring me and my scary lighting showing you how to really crank up your conversions by creating web pages that optimize themselves.

In case you don’t like watching videos, here’s a transcript of the video:

Hello, Jack Keifer here with a tip on beefing your conversion rates on your web sites with self-optimizing webpages.

So how does a web page optimize itself?  
With a testing techique called Multi-Variate testing.

Multi-variate testing is done with software designed to allow you to automatically test different versions of various sections of your webpage.

Let me clarify this a little using one of my websites as an example.

Here at AmazingCloaker.com you’re looking at the headline portion of my web page.

Your headline is that critical element to get your visitors to stay beyond that 3 second event horizon.

Usually a visitor will hit their back button within 3 seconds if you don’t peak their interest somehow.

See why the headline is so important?  
The sales page is made of of different components like the Headline, sub heading, bullet list, main body, guarantee, call to action and buy button, to name a few.

Scrolling down, we move through the different sections of the sales letter.

With multi-variate software, we can create different versions of each of these sections and test which combinations of these versions give the best conversion rates.

Everytime one version of a section scores higher conversions, it is tested against other sections of the web page more often.

Every time you make a sale, your web page is constantly refining and improving itself.

I’m going to clear my cookies here and refresh my web page.  This will cause a slightly different version to load.

Ok, here we have a new version of the page.
The headline stayed the same.
Scrolling down the page there are various paragraphs that are slightly changed.

Not too big a difference here.

Let’s refresh this page again and see if we get more dramatic results.

First, I’ll clear my cookies, and then we’ll just hit the refresh button again.

Ok, looks like we still have the same headline.
That could mean that this particular headline is creating better conversions.

Interesting… here we are now seeing extra graphics relating to the AmazingCloaker.

Testing these graphics against nothingness is also a variable.  
Sometimes less is more in a sales page,
so always consider testing something against having nothing in its place as well.

Ok, let’s do this one more time.
Clear the cookies again…

Ok, this time the headline has changed.  
This headline was scoring pretty high in the beginning of my testing.
Scrolling down, there are additional changes that you would note in various sections of the page.
Looks like the extra graphics are gone again in this version, so its possible that the extra graphics are actually scoring lower and that “nothingness” is winning out.

Ok, so the next question you’re going to ask is
“What software did you use and how much did it cost you?”

Well, that’s a great question.
So how does FREE sound?

That’s right, I simply used a free tool compliments of Google called “Google Web Optimizer”.

Just go out to www.google.com/analytics
and log in using your Adwords credentials.

If you don’t already have a google account, you can sign up here as well.

Ok, let’s get logged in.

In Google web optimizer, you create what are called “experiments”, which are the multivariate tests that you setup for your website.

As you can see here I have a few experiments showing, but only one is active.  
The other two are abandoned first attempts while I figured out how to use it.

Here are the current stats for each section of my web page that I have set up for testing.

Each section here shows what percentage of the time they were used when a sale was made.

Pretty useful when you want a quick overview of what is working and what isn’t.

This way you can continue giving the non producing areas additional tweaking to get every thing up to peak performance.

There’s literally thousands of combinations that your website will display automatically when visitors come to your site.

Ok, Now let’s take a look at my conversion stats for the month of July.

I started this around July 5th so my conversion rates are showing for just over a month.  
To track your sales, you set up what are called “goals” and then paste some javascript into your thank you page.

I forgot to add in my Goal Values, so they are showing zero… d’oh!

Normally you would put in your net profit here and then it will calculate your visitor value if I understand it correctly.

Let’s take a closer look at the stats so far.

As you can see, I didn’t put much effort into traffic generation this month, but my converation rates are pretty decent.

My average conversion rate for the month is calculating at 4.37%

Let’s click on the more detailed chart.

Here you can see that I started july at 4.50% and the multivariate testing has cranked my current standing to 9%.

Not too shabby if I don’t say so myself.

With an impressive 9% conversion rate, I could confidently employ paid traffic strategies, if I chose to do so.

Just as an FYI, there are premium multivariate software packages packed with other great features as well for getting even greater accuracy.

For example, I’ve used for quite some time, a product called KaizenTrack.

It’s a little pricey… around $500 that last time I checked, but well worth it.

Another excellent multivariate software is “MuVar“, created by James Brausch.  
Right now, MuVar is only selling for $100!  This is because MuVar 2008 is about to be discontinued.

From what I’ve read, MuVar is a kick-butt multivariate software, and it will even calculate your visitor value for you as well.

Well, now there’s no excuse for not tracking your results.

Testing and refining are vital components to getting the most out of your internet business.

If you ignore this step, you’re leaving thousands on the table in lost income.

Besides that, how would any potential JV partner take you seriously if you didn’t even know your own conversion rates for your products?

Also remember, that you don’t have to have your own product line to use this.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you should be testing your affiliate landing pages as well.

So if you’re not testing your pages, what are you waiting for?
Jump out to google.com/analytics and get started now.

Copywriting The Right Way Vs The Scary Way

I was perusing Terry Dean’s online business blog today and happened across a hilarious post called “Do You Have HyperCopyitis? ”  It’s not only funny, but it really drives home a point that is so prevalent in copywriting all over the net.

In a very witty way, Terry points out how such an overwhelming number of sales letters are so hyped up that it’s pathetic.  For example, the typical Paypal or Clickbank statements showing thousands of dollars a minute being cranked out because of their super secret system.  Yeah right… I always suspect, whether right or wrong, that those kinds of images are Photoshopped.

Other typical things like the yellow highlighter in every other paragraph, the eighty kazillion exclamation points scattered throughout the copy, and the endless run-on sentences which exhaust your breath, much like the one you’re reading now. 😛

The main point, I believe, that Terry is making in his post is that many copywriters, or those of us who write our own copy, fail to connect with our target audience.

These hyped up sales letters have all the “cool” emotional trigger words, the neat little graphics, the fancy buy button with the cool check box (Yes Jack! Count me in!!!) next to it.  You can hype your product to sound like the biggest thing since sliced bread, but are you really relating to your prospect, or just shouting at him… Buy! Buy! Buy it nowwww!!!

Suppose instead of talking at your visitors, we connected with them instead?  Hmmm.  Imagine  empathizing with your visitors instead.  Gently and indirectly persuading them that your product is just the perfect fit to solve the problem they have.  Not because you jammed your offer down their throat, but because they drew their own conclusions based on how you connected with them.   Because you kept them hanging on to your every word, as one paragraph leads to the next, guiding them down a pathway straight to the buy button.

Terry Dean has interviewed Shaune Clarke, a copywriter who emotionally connects with his audience without gimmicks, exaggeration, or swipe files, as Terry puts it.

What’s even more amazing to me is that Terry Dean has done a 70 minute interview with Shaune Clarke revealing some of his most valued secrets.  This is an amazing interview which is in mp3 format AND transcribed into a .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file as well, so that you can refer to either format!

How much you ask?  Only $10… You know I jumped on this one!  Terry Dean is known as one of the good guys & when you buy from Terry, you’ll always get amazing value.  This is easily the best $10 I’ve ever spent and you can bet I’ll be modifying my own web copy to test the results.

Edit Update Terry Dean informed me (in this post’s comments) that the Interview with Shaune Clarke is now at $15.  As I elaborated in my follow-up comment,  this is $15 well spent many times over.  Even if you have to skip that pizza & coke with your buddies, or pawn that guitar, get this valuable information now.  The price may go up again soon.

Don’t let the affiliate link at the end of the post fool you.  I was really inspired by & believe in this product.  In fact, if you don’t wish to use my affiliate link, then simply go out to http://www.terrydean.org and buy it direct.

If you want to find out more about this, just click on my semi-blatant affiliate link now.