Some Additional Magic Numbers

Pic for Magic Numbers - Internet BusinessEarlier today I had a brief twittersation with James Brausch (is twittersation a word? – oh well, I like it, LOL).  James had mentioned some of his favorite numbers in a general tweet.  Firstly, if you’re confused about ‘tweet’ this and ‘twit’ that, check out my twitter link in the sidebar.

Most of the numbers, I recognized right away.  Two of them I wasn’t 100% sure, but was pretty sure.  Then there was one that stumped me.  Hmmm, a little embarrassing when I look back.

Here are some of James’ favorite numbers:

86,400    114.20      2,740      19,231      83,333      98     2      1

If you read my last post, then you should recognize one of those numbers already.

A little hint – If by chance you’ve never heard of James Brausch, he is a happily retired multi-millionaire.  His last project, which was running phenomenally successful internet businesses, propelled him into the stratosphere.

He followed a proven path to success and then shared his path with those who dared to follow and take action.

James was, and still is on many levels, my biggest influence on this path to freedom & success.  Unlike James, my journey in this project is far from complete, but I’ll be forever grateful for crossing cyber-paths with this fascinating & intelligent soul at such a critical time in my entrepreneurial development just a few short years ago.

So, back to the numbers… what do you think they mean?  If you think you know, then leave a comment to this post and give your answer(s).

I’ll reveal the answers in my next post or validate if someone answers correctly.  I’ll also let you know which number it was that stumped me.

3 thoughts on “Some Additional Magic Numbers”

  1. 86,400 = number of seconds in a day (duh)
    114.20 = amount per hour you would need to make 24 hrs a day to make $1 million per year
    2,740 = amount you would need to make per day to earn $1M per year
    19,231 = amount you would need per week to earn $1M per year
    83,333 = amount you would need per month to earn $1M per year
    98 = 98% of the population watches TV and works for someone else
    2 = 2% of the population actually gets stuff done
    1 = you’ve stumped me on this one…

    Robert Planks last blog post – $30K Month: Success!

  2. I knew the 86,400. LOL

    I would say the ‘1’ is the number of chances in a million you have of making any of the sums of money mentioned below.

    What a joke they are.

    Dream on, marketers, dream on. LOL

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