So What’s In a Voice Anyway?

Ok, I know that James Brausch has been in many of my blog posts recently, but I just had to share with you something interesting that he brought up regarding your voice and how it affects your customers. Your ability to speak effectively while demonstrating your product (or anything) in a camtasia video as pointed out by James Brausch may not be as easy as it sounds. You may be someone who outsourced your sales letter to a top rated copywriter for example. Thus your visitor may have an entirely different impression of you after he/she actually hears your voice for the first time. Do you sound like a mechanical putz? Hmmm, He got me thinking about my own series of videos for the AmazingCloaker. Even though I wrote my own sales copy, I couldn't help but to wonder what type of impression my own voice leaves on the collective public. I supposed if I were to critique myself, I would have to say that I need less pauses and faster speech in some areas. I think really, the key to giving your customers a good impression is to speak in exactly the same way as if your best friend was standing behind you watching as you explain what you are doing. I think that it helps also to have someone un-biased to critique your video after you're finished as well. My wife is very good at that, because if she thinks that what I have just created really stinks, then she will give it to me straight. I respect that because she helps me see things from a different perspective. When making a video, this is what works for me. I will first list out on paper the main topic areas. Then I will make quick notes in sub-topics on what I want to cover as I go along. Whatever you do DON'T WRITE OUT YOUR DIALOG WORD FOR WORD! Remember when I asked you about sounding like a mechanical putz? It just doesn't work with video. An audio file or CD may be a different story. Ok, now that I have a general outline of where I want to go, I can convey my message in a way that my customers are going to easily grasp. Making your customers feel comfortable with your product is extremely important, especially if it's a software product. Most people are already intimidated by new software applications as it is. If you can convey a friendly and reassuring aura into your customer's computer room, they will immediately feel confident that they made the right choice in purchasing your product. Even though I prefer to create both documented and video help with my sofware, I can certainly see the point that James has with only creating a Camstasia video to explain your software. It's a major time saver to put your help files in video format. At the same time the visitor can have the sense of actually seeing the software in action. Visual tutoring is really all that most small applications require anyway. If you create your own products or if you simply wish to have a video intro to a product that you affiliate with, the camstasia video route can be a very effective strategy. Maybe it's time you beef up your marketing plan with some video. Don't let the pro's intimidate you, give it a try, you just might surprise yourself and boost your profits at the same time!