Refunders, Ya Gotta Love ‘Em… Not!

Everyone who has created or sold a product has to to deal with refunds.  No matter how great your products are, you’re gonna get them, it’s just another fact of life.  When I first started making digital products, I used to take it personally to a small degree.  I say a small degree because logic has always dictated that this is a normal variable in doing business.  Yet, human nature may dictate otherwise, at least in the beginning anyway. You can’t help but to wonder in the back of your mind what was wrong.  Did my product suck?  Was it over priced?  Maybe I’m too much of an amateur and it’s showing through.  Maybe they’re just gaming me to get a free product.  All kinds of things will go through your mind if you dwell on it.

Fortunately for me, refunds are few and far between.  Maybe that’s because I only have 4 digital products offered to the public so far or maybe its because I’m a stickler for quality.  Whatever the reason, I’m certainly not complaining.  Normally, a refunder will give a reason when requesting one.  That’s OK because it can help me to determine if there’s something that I can improve upon.  If they refuse support & insist on a refund shortly after purchase, most likely they’re just ripping you off.

I wrote a script that I use to blacklist refunders from future purchases & specials.  It works great.  So why the script?  Sour grapes?  No, strictly business.  Many refunders are habitual and not the quality customer that you want to keep.  You’re better off filtering them out from future purchases.  The only customers that count are the people that actually USE and appreciate your products.  Those are the quality people that take their business seriously.  Those of you who buy my products and / or who simply enjoy & follow my blog are what I care about.

Don’t let it get you down if you create a digital product & end up with a refund or two right in your first week.  It’s going to happen at some point & unless you intentionally created a shabby product, the refund has absolutely nothing to do with you.  Just write it off.  The percentages are ALWAYS going to work in your favor anyway!  Your CURRENT customers are the ones that count.  Be there for them if they have a problem with your product.  A little communication goes a long way.  They’ll thank you for it and will be back again the next time you have a product that they can use.

Ok, if refunds are scaring you from making your first product, get over it.  No more excuses.  Get busy and make 2008 the year that you took control of your freedom!