Moved Blog Alert!

It appears that James Brausch has relocated his business blog!  He is now located at  I'm curious to see if he will be letting his readers in on the mystery of why he moved.  

His location is well established with top rankings in the search engines along with a page rank of 5, it's interesting to ponder the reasoning.  Being the master of search engine reverse engineering, perhaps James is up for another challenge.  Perhaps to prove that he can take a new site and crank his rankings in a relatively short time using rasof (his very effective website optimization product to obtain high search engine rankings).  Perhaps a .org domain carries more weight as an authority site in the eyes of Google?  Hmmmm, these are only speculations of course. I am by no means an expert in reverse engineering of the search engines.  For that matter, his relocation may have nothing to do with ranking at all.

Another reader commented that he may be expanding his presence because of his posting power via his intern program.   Whatever the reason, has a clean, fresh new look with the familiar mug shot in the upper right corner.  Sooner or later James will come clean to his readers as to his motives.  Until then, I'm sure he'll enjoy reading the speculation circulating around the net!

4 thoughts on “Moved Blog Alert!”

  1. >>Perhaps a .org domain carries more weight as an authority site in the eyes of Google?

    My guess is that .org carries more weight with MSN or Yahoo. He’s not ranked in the top 10 on Yahoo! now for Internet Business, he probably will be soon.

  2. Good point, Stephen. Yahoo! & MSN are certainly a significant factor which shouldn’t be overlooked. Being that he’s not ranked in the top ten of Yahoo!, it does makes sense.

  3. I am nobody, but I do buy James’ products. Yes, .org is more significant to Google now than .com. I am still shocked by James’ move to .org, but I am sure with his army of interns he will gather enough links to surpass his old .com. I am watching.

  4. Matia, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. I’m sure James has the research data to back up his intentions. I have the .org version of my domain as well but it’s sitting idle with a 301 redirect. Perhaps someday it will be wise to follow suit? Hmmmm, time will tell.

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