Maybe 98% is too low

James Braush on many occasions will point out how few people will actually take action on anything. He is giving away a free USB CD burner to a selection of his choice that cares to take 2 seconds to trackback to his blog. And pay the shipping! According to James, 98% of the population never take action when it comes to doing anything that requires self motivation. After 3 days of seeing no response, I’m starting to think that the figure is closer to 99.8%! I didn’t respond because I was the first trackback on a book and didn’t want to be greedy, but what the heck. If you read this James, I’ll take it. I can use it for promoting some of my products on DVD. Especially my guitar tutorials from Maybe I won’t be selected, but at least I can say that I tried – darn it. I at least made the effort. How about you the reader? Is inaction that comfortable? HMMMMMMM