Keeping The Motivation

motivation techniquesGetting oneself motivated can be one of the biggest challenges that an internet business owner can face. A natural asset that successful people possess is self-discipline and the ability to motivate oneself and others. It takes discipline to resist distractions, to focus on your business and to keep building your business without losing momentum.

Most of the population is conditioned to be led by others. As a baby, naturally you are taken care of and supervised by your parents. When you start school, you are trained to follow a regimen and a predefined set of rules. This continues on into college and the workplace. Some are born leaders and most are followers. Being a follower is more comfortable. The master doles out the orders and the slave carries them out. The slave is rewarded for good work and is granted the privilege of remaining as a valued slave. But if the slave realizes that he/she wants their freedom and in fact declares their freedom, there are years of programming that need to be undone.

Having your hours dictated as to when you set the alarm clock, how long you will work, what your duties are, when to take a lunch break. It’s all part of the life long programming that has been ingrained from day one to get you groomed as a good student, and eventually, a good employee. Don’t feel that I’m knocking being a good student or a good employee. I’m just saying that this type of programming makes self discipline and self motivation a bigger challenge as opposed to those who think independently and have great problem solving skills.

So what about the Bart Simpsons? The underachievers? If you fall into this category, you are pretty much screwed until you come face to face with your negative and self-defeating beliefs. You must then deal with them head on to replace them with positive ones. Simply saying positive affirmations when you “know” inside that you’re not smart enough or good enough won’t cut it. Thinking that you’re not good enough is simply a belief and not a fact. Our reality is based on our beliefs, so therefore, they are very real factors as to where we are in our lives. Beliefs cannot be masked over with affirmations, they must be dealt with and eliminated. I was given an awesome eBook by its author that delves more deeply on this subject. I will be sharing my thoughts on this in a future post.

Ok for the rest of us. One of the biggest motivation killers that I know of is mentally over filling your task list. Let’s say that you’re not in a J.O.B. and you allocate a full 8 hours a day to your business. You have about 50 things in mind that you want to do. You’re not even sure where to start, so when the phone rings, or an email comes in, you jump at the chance. Now you’re involved in something. It’s not building your business, but you’re busy. You feel a sense of accomplishment because you were busy all day with emails, studying other peoples’ drivel in the forums as to why internet business doesn’t work. You were just a busy guy! (or gal!).

So what was really happening here? You’re mind didn’t want to deal with the mountainous tasks that you assigned your self, so when you were offered an easier, “flatter” road, your mind jumped on it! When you’re schedule is dictated to you by an employer, it is broken down into sequential tasks. Not only are we programed for this, but its also a logical, profitable, and practical way to approach things. Why fight a lifetime of programming when you can use it to your advantage? Set up your own schedule. Write down your goals to accomplish tomorrow every day. Break big goals into smaller sections. Now allocate less hours per day to working. Huh? Yes I said LESS hours to working and stick to it. When your time is up, walk away whether you want to or not. Why? Because with a shorter workday, you will force yourself to focus on building your business. You will eliminate distractions because you know that your time is valuable and limited to this time slot. This is also a great way to build self-discipline. It takes discipline to walk away too.

Take your business seriously. Often times because one is selling on eBay, or just starting out with a single product, or affiliate marketing, its easy to develop the “hobby” mindset. If you really want your freedom, you have to make this your escape vehicle! Take it very seriously. Treat it as the most important thing to you, your family, and your future that there is! What can possibly be more important than financial freedom and having the quality time to spend with your spouse & kids? Do you want your kids to grow up remembering their parents as someone they saw a couple hours a day between rushing to work and then watching TV afterwards before plopping down to bed to repeat the same formula the next day? Or would you prefer that they remember you always being there for them. Having the time to be involved in their lives and free from the stress of everyday “paycheck to paycheck” lifestyle, like wondering how to pay the next outrageous gas bill next month? Yes, this is serious biz!

During your quiet time, like when you’re waking up in the morning, take time to think of new ideas for increasing your business, or new products. Just let your mind wander. Keep a notepad and a pen near your bed so that you can write down the ideas that excite you. Your mind is fresh in the morning giving you greater clarity for creativity. Although, night time is good too as you drift your way to dream land. The only hitch is that it gets more difficult to write your ideas down as you get more tired. It’s a great feeling to see your ideas turn into something real. Not every idea will be a winner either. That’s just life. Your favorite baseball team isn’t going to win every game. Just go for it, even if you’re not sure it will be a winner. Your ideas put into action are long term investments in your business. The winners can pay off for a lifetime.

4 thoughts on “Keeping The Motivation”

  1. Jack,

    Thank you for another thought-provoking post.

    I couldn’t agree with you more – especially your comment that “Our reality is based on our beliefs…”

    Here’s a quote that I think says it all: “You can have anything you want, provided you eliminate the belief that you can’t have it.” –Anonymous

    Another problem we face is, according to recent research, we all suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) – the average person is distracted every 6 to 10 seconds of every minute they are awake. This condition is contributed to by the Internet and the emphasis on multi-tasking – to mention but a few influences in our modern world.

    Also, beliefs beget emotions, and emotions determine our state at all times. Although we all experience literally thousands of emotional variations, each stems from either love or fear. And, fear is what contributes to procrastination!

    Again, thanks. I’m making your blog a steady routine.

    Best, George Lutz

  2. Wow, great comment George! You have an excellent point with the ADD plus our beliefs leading ultimately to procrastination. Those could be interesting posts on their own. Very inspiring!

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