James Brausch is Giving Away a Golden Egg!

I’m speaking figuratively of course, but its value right on par for those 2%ers who are willing to take action and grab it. James Brausch has released a new newsletter called his Testing Newsletter. James is now offering a monthly subscription to his own private testing results. The first issue includes all the MuVar statisitcs for one of his highest converting product websites. This site has a visitor value of $18.50 per visitor generating a whopping 532,900.00 per year! How would you like to have access to the secret info behind such an incredible goldmine? How would you like to see these results for FREE? James is offering this incredible info free to anyone with a blog who asks to be included and promises to leave a testimonial in return. You can count me in James. I would like to receive a copy and in return I will offer an honest review of the newsletter.

If you want to be included in Jame’s offer, be sure to include your email or that your whois information is up to date. He will email the first copy to you. Normally, this is a printed newsletter that is sent by postal mail. The normal subscription price is only $25 and back issues will likely either be unavailable or pretty pricey. Therefore, if this is something that interests you, you need to take action right away! The free offer ends on Tuesday & if I know James, it will never be repeated again.