Is Article Marketing Worth It?

Article Writing to get traffic A lot of marketers on that quest for the traffic holy grail will search high & low for the best free traffic technique for their internet business. It seems that all the ebooks, videos, audios, that cover free traffic techniques generally all have one thing in common. You’ll always find that article submissions are the primary answer in virtually every “traffic secret” out there.

Article marketing has been rehashed in a million different ways in a million different products. Those marketers who don’t like to write probably find this irritating. So why is article marketing always covered? Because it works!

The trick to article marketing is how you approach it. Firstly, its important to understand what article submissions actually accomplish for your website. Articles should provide value to the reader. In return for peaking the reader’s interest, the reader will likely click your link in the resource box of the article and check out your website.

Articles provide one way links to your site. These links also add up to boosting your search engine rankings as well. These backlinks in many cases can provide more value in the long term than the immediate surge in traffic.

One important point that most people overlook is that article marketing has a cumulative effect. Many will submit one or two articles, get a few visitors, and soon decide that the few visitors they got aren’t really worth the time and effort. Suppose you went against your instincts and stuck it out longer?

Every time your articles are submitted, they end up in article directories and eZines, depending where you submit your articles. These articles are copied by webmasters and can be legally used on their sites to provide content so long as they leave the complete article intact including your resource box containing your back link.

Not only do people use & post your articles, but even the scraper sites also will tend to grab your articles for their junk Adsense websites. Even though these are junk sites, wasting space & irritating searchers, it’s still a backlink albeit, a lightweight one.

The point is that the more articles you submit, the more that you may be replicated around the net. Many worry about Google’s “duplicate content penalty”. I think that the dupe content thing is way over rated. Duplicate content is everywhere. Duplicate content may get less weight than the original, but an actual penalty on your website? I don’t think so.  The dupes simply don’t carry as much backlink value to your site.

If you’re really worried about duplicate content, you can always use software like Artemis Pro, or an article spinner which will automatically re-write your article multiple times. These techniques can certainly add weight to your back links, especially if you spin your resource box as well.

Article submitters can get your articles out to many sites in a fraction of the time. A good article submitter can be loaded with quality sites such as EZines are more likely to be read by quality readers and are always the premium picks for traffic & revenue generating articles.

So, to ask the question again. Is article marketing really worth it? Absolutely! Whether writing them yourself or outsourcing, each new article adds up.  Start building your traffic equity today and make article submissions a part of your business system.

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  1. Your post on article marketing is very informative. You did a great job of explaining a topic that is often times controversial. The fact that you mentioned the cumulative affects of article marketing cannot be minimized. Look forward to your next post.

  2. Jack,
    Great comments. I’ve only been at this a couple months, but I started submitting articles a few weeks ago and have already seen some benefit. I really think it’s the key. Or at least, one of the keys! Thanks.

  3. I completely agree. As a matter of fact, I really don’t get how a lot of marketers can just dismiss article marketing as overrated, and ineffective. The more content you have out there, the better. Forms of marketing like submitting articles to directories and making posts on blogs are important as well as great. The reason why is because, once you have that information in your article or on your blogs on the internet, IT STAYS THERE. Therfore, you can continue to get traffic from it for years to come. You have no idea how many blogs I have came across where the last post was in 2005/2006. Once you have that information out there, it stays there for years. It’s PERCISELY the type of marketing you want.

    *Tara Griffin*s last blog post – Finding an Online Business That You Can Afford to start

  4. Great comment Tara. You really nailed it. Every article that you write becomes a little piece of permanent history on the internet. The bigger piece of that history that you can claim, the more of a mark you will make in your business.

    Scott, yes I agree, understanding the cumulative affect of article marketing is the key to understanding the importance of article creation.

    bartolomo, great to hear that you have started submitting articles. 🙂 Keep ’em coming & you will discover that the short term benefits will soon become a stable long term benefit as well.

    Eligio – exactly… It’s kind of like a 401k or any other long term investment, only that you also get the short term benefits too. To me, its the best of both worlds. 😀

  5. Article marketing seems to be one of those topics that is really polarizing. People are either really for it, or really against it. I’ve written and submitted a few, and have actually started seeing about 12-15 click throughs a week from an article I wrote a few months ago. Of course the site it links to isn’t selling anything, so it really may not be marketing.

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  6. After reading your article, I had submitted 10 articles to Ezine. It took some effort due to the fact that English is not my first language.

    Now I try to submit an article weekly. Although I do not see great results yet. Some of my website are beginning to show on the first pages of Google for some keywords.

    I noticed though that whenever I work hard on an article and provide some good content it gets republished more often. Wrote different articles on tips about avanta meeting rooms and events,which came out great.

    I really like your website. I have become a regular reader. Great Job!

    Pauls last blog post – Moving home – how to fit in with the community

  7. Paul, 10 articles to EZine – good job! It’s the 2%’rs that actually take this type of action. Consistency will pay off, guaranteed. 🙂

    I couldn’t agree with you more about good content. Taking the extra few minutes to write something that offers great value to the reader will pay you back again and again… virtually forever!


  8. I’ve found article marketing to be great. only just learning about SEO but of the 4 articles I have submitted to ezinearticles i have recieved hundreds of visitors inside about 2 weeks. which is great when it only takes about 10 minutes to drum up an article!

    p.s. just added you to my RSS reader… was surprised to see you dont have a button to do so in the side bar?

  9. As a article directory owner now, unique content is king! There is so much duplicate content out there. Copy and pasting to all of the articles directories won’t do anyone any good if it is not original. Keep the original articles coming!

    Also,marketing your articles will also help you build links with other sites and directories. Google puts a great deal of importance on the links that a particular website builds with various other sites and website directories. This helps immeasurably in the boosting of your search engine rankings.

    My two cents opinion!!

  10. Nick,
    It’s a great return for such a small amount of time, isn’t it? 🙂

    BTW, thanks for pointing out the missing RSS link. It is now back.


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