Interesting Angles on Freedom

The book Black Rednecks and White Liberals appears to offer some interesting perspectives on freedom. I feel that many people really do believe that they are free in their personal lives because they have a J.O.B. that allows them to pay their bills and mortgage, and drive a decent car. But is this really freedom? The American Dream? Being in a J.O.B. or "Just Over Broke" as the addage goes, is just that. Suppose you lost your job tomorrow. How long would you last with your current debt load? Would your life be affected dramatically? Could you just walk away from your J.O.B right now and go full time into business for yourself? No? Is this really freedom knowing that unless you trade a minimum of 8 hours of your life everyday in return for money, that you will not be able to see your dreams come true? Suppose you start a new business. What is your goal? Do you want a business that runs itself? With a new business, you could very well end up in another J.O.B. situation. I have a good friend who left her job and started a restaurant a few years ago, and she ended up working 16 hour days to the point of burn out. The business failed as a result. What she effectively did was create another J.O.B. for herself. I wouldn't exactly call this freedom. In fact, she was even LESS FREE than before! Whether it's a traditional "brick & mortar" business or an internet business you should definately not overlook the "freedom" aspect of your plan. In fact "freedom" should the the objective of your plan! After all, freedom to live your life to the fullest is what it's all about. Don't trade one J.O.B. for another. Keep your mind open to outsourcing those time consuming tasks as your business grows. The advantage of Internet Business is that there are many ways to set your model up for passive income. Working a few hours a day to create "internet vending machines" that will generate income while you sleep, while you're on vacation, etc is very exciting and rewarding to say the least. Real freedom comes from working smarter, not harder. Plan for a business system that will give you freedom. Don't trap yourself into a self created J.O.B.