I Couldn’t Resist…

I got a flash of inspiration this weekend and made such profound changes to Xingla Pro, that we now have a major upgrade to version 2.0! Current users get the upgrade for free of course. 🙂

5 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Resist…”

  1. Looks great Jack.

    Pity I have never heard of Blog Carnivals and don’t have the technical know-how to have a blog. LOL

    I’m sure all the IT experts out there will find it invaluable.

    What’s this comment, luv?

    I’m already leaving a comment’, luv.

    Don’t use keywords, darlin’.

    See ya,

  2. Hi Levon,
    Blog Carnivals are a great way to build backlinks and attract traffic to your blog. Blog carnivals are essentially a community of bloggers who list recommended blog posts with the trackbacks to these blogs who have submitted their posts to the participating carnival host. More details on what they are about can be found here:

    Also, Mo at oibo.org wrote a very detailed review on Xingla Pro. He also happens to be a blog carnival host himself. You can check out his review here:


  3. Jack,
    I purchased Xingla Pro on the “24 HOUR Special” but have not received any version 2.0 UPGRADE information.

    I tried an AUTO upgrade via my Xingla Pro software without success.

    Send me an UPGRADE link

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