He’s On The Move Again

Moving the Online Business Blog

Like a true nomadic free spirit, James Brausch has picked up and moved his blog once again. He is now located at http://www.diegonorte.com. So what’s up with all this moving around? Perhaps he’s so fed up with our current fascist regime that he’s decided to disassociate himself from us gringos here in the U.S. 😛 If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go read some of his recent posts. He’s hit upon some very good points.

Or perhaps there’s another reason behind it. Diegonorte can be branded without necessarily having to be associated with James Brausch. This makes the business very sellable without the personal name in the domain. I’ve been lurking around diegonorte.com for the past few days and I’ve noticed that the picture in the upper right corner of the blog has changed a few times. Hmmmm, another possible clue that this could be the case?

Maybe for a nominal fee, the Brausch team will be selling ready made internet businesses based on his own proven model to his clients. An online version of a franchise. Instead of seeing the big McDonalds “M” in every city, you’ll be seeing the big “B” everywhere. Maybe an internet franchise called Blogger King, heh-heh.

Ok, maybe I’m stretching my imagination a bit, and obviously I’m referring to the business model itself that would be “franchised”, but James has always been an innovator. I wouldn’t rule out anything, whether it seems too far fetched, or too obvious. I smell some big changes ahead in the Brausch empire. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

4 thoughts on “He’s On The Move Again”

  1. Apparently, “they” (contractors or interns) are making these changes for him. He wasn’t even involved in the process. That’s the word on the street… well… information super highway, maybe.

    – Aaron

    Aaron Brandons last blog post..What’s In a Domain?

  2. Thanks for the info Aaron.

    I guess that’s what a freedom business system is all about, and undoubtedly James has perfected the process… a very cool business model for sure! 🙂


  3. I do thiink its pretty silly to keep moving domain but if he didn’t have much say in the matter then I guess its forgivable. Can’t be doing his link love any good though…

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