Adwords and AmazingCloaker

Did you know that cloaking your links are a great way to direct link with adwords or other PPC? Sometimes directly linking your adwords ad to your merchant's product page is the way to go when selling your products. Especially "physical items" through or Amazon, etc where the customer already knows what he/she is looking for. The problem is that Google has a policy that only allows one direct affiliate link per advertiser. That means that if any other adwords advertiser is linking to the merchants product page then you are out of the game unless you want to out bid the other guy. Often times it's the merchant himself that is linked to the product page. Doh! The way you get around this rule is to create a cloaked re-direct page. This way your actual URL is pointing to your cloaked page which in turn re-directs the visitor straight over to the merchant page. Google is happy and you are happy. 😀 Remember, if you're cloaking a clickbank link, you need to use a redirect page with no frames. This is my personal favorite type of re-direct page. The AmazingCloaker supports this feature with a simple tick of a checkbox.

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