Five SEO Tricks to Help Increase Your Traffic

Traffic picSEO, or Search Engine Optimization is considered by some as the holy grail for driving traffic if they can either master it or pay a master to optimize their website.

Some are confused because they think “huh? Search Engine Optimization… How can I optimize a Search Engine?!” SEO of course is really referring to the Optimization of your web page for the Search Engines to consider it most relevant to those keywords for which you are optimizing.

Keep in mind that SEO is but one strategy to drive traffic. Many people wrongly assume that all you have to do is optimize your website and then watch the visitors come rolling in by the millions.

Did you ever notice on those cereal commercials how they tell you that their cereal is part of a balanced breakfast. Notice the catch word “part“. The balanced breakfast in addition to the cereal may also include juice, toast, bacon, and eggs.

By eating cereal alone, you are only getting part of the nutrition. The same applies here. SEO is a part of a balanced traffic strategy. Other components can include article marketing, blog & forum commenting, paid traffic, affiliate traffic, & list building, for starters.

Okay, onward & upward. Here are my top picks for getting my page relevancy recognized by the search engines.

  • A good title tag – The title tag is one of the key elements for good SEO. Always get that important keyword into the title of your webpage.
  • images; Name, Alt & Title tags- Name your image something relevant to your keyword / web theme. Always get your keywords into your alt & title inside your img tag, but and this is a big but, I mean like J-Lo big… they must be relevant to your image & the image must be relevant to your keyword. Don’t name non-relevant images, or use alt / title tags with them. Non-relevant images could include a buy button, checkmarks, background gradients, etc.
  • Link Text – Always include keywords into your links. Creating a link to somewhere and making the active text something like Click here now is a wasted opportunity. Instead, make your links keyword rich such as “get your Sony Bravia LCD HDTV here”.
  • Bold & italics – Use bolding on some keyword rich phrases where you would like that extra attention from the search spider. Don’t over do it though or it could backfire. Italicized words can also add some juice.
  • Menus & Footer – The footer is another key area to get the attention of the Search Engines. Getting active keyword rich links into the menus & footer of a web page is an important factor to peaking up your page.

Consider these five as a primer. There are a lot of aspects to good SEO, but much of it isn’t exactly rocket science either. The key thing to remember is to never get spammy with your content. Writing strictly for the search engines and not keeping your visitors in mind is a sure way to not keeping (& converting) your visitors, and you’ll lose ground as well.

Stuffing your web page with hundreds of invisible keywords (using text with the same color as the background) might have worked back in the stone-age of the internet, but search engines are much smarter now.

It’s all about relevance and what will keep your visitor on your page for more than a just few seconds. When your visitor found you in the search results, they expect your content to be relevant to what they are searching for. Google has many methods for determining if that visitor had a relevant search experience with your site or not.

I’m going to be covering SEO in much greater detail in my first edition of the “Jack Keifer Letter” which will be debuting soon. Keep an eye out; the Jack Keifer Letter will get you access to the inner workings of my business where I will reveal information that is only available to paid subscribers.

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My next post will probably be a 24 hour special, so stay tuned. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Five SEO Tricks to Help Increase Your Traffic”

  1. Since we own businesses I think it can be useful to remember that the search engines have a business – to deliver the best search results to THEIR customers. SO cheating the search engines, as mentioned above, can backfire and instead of the SEO being useful, you can hurt yourself if you try to trick Google. I agree – focus on making your site terrific for your readers first and also to “romance” the search engines – second.

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