I just read the WOW posting on James Brausch's business blog and its interesting to see out of 2500 readers a day there has been only one response to the offer of having a cruise paid in full by him just for responding. It sounds like his 2% theroy has a lot of merit. Ok, with that said, I don't plan to be in the 98% chump category, so if I interpereted James' blog correctly, it applies to anyone with a blog, so here goes. Why should you pay my way? My answer is that there is no reason what so ever that I can think of, but my wife Tingting is new to the U.S. (just arrived from China in August) and paying her way would be a wonderful treat as she experiences the unique and wonderful culture that the west has to offer. I of course would foot my own bill to accompany, should Tingting be the lucky choice. 😛 We are both relatively new to internet business (just over a year) and come to view James as our role model. Just having the opportunity to have a causal conversation with James is an opportunity of a lifetime. Shop talk however should be initiated by the master himself. Being an "info moocher" is not very cool in my book. 😛 Anybody reading this blog should jump over to your own blog and respond to his offer. You just may find yourself on a cruise with James Brausch & his wife having a great time in the sun!