Entrepreneur or Opportunity Seeker?


Many people who start out online have pretty limited budgets to work with. It’s kind of a catch 22. At some point, you need to invest some money into building your online business so that you can generate sales, but you need to generate sales to get money so that you can invest in your business.

Most people will jump into marketing online for a couple of reasons.

  1. They hate their J.O.B., and / or
  2. They need / desire more money.

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The barriers to entry for an internet based business is much lower than starting a traditional ‘brick & mortar’ type business offline.

I remember wayyy back in the day when I started my electronics shop. It was a major deal to get set up. There was finding and renting the retail space, getting a business phone, an occupational license, utilities, FAX machine, Cash Register & the Point of Sale stuff to go with it, signs, inventory, equipment, vendors… I could go on for days!

All of this was not cheap, and on top of all that, you don’t even know if the venture’s going to succeed or not. An online business, on the other hand can be started literally the same day for around 20 bucks! Even zero cash if you’re a little creative.

Also, if you need free traffic, you can put in a little ‘sweat equity’ such as article writing, blog carnival submissions, etc and get free traffic right to your virtual doorstep. Yet even with this incredible opportunity of starting out on a shoestring, so many are still slammed by the challenges of actually succeeding in their business.

How is it that starting an internet business can be so darn cheap, give you exposure to a worldwide audience like never before in the history of mankind, yet be so tough for so many to succeed? It’s kind of mind boggling when you think of it.

As mind boggling as it may seem, the real answer is really pretty simple. Lack of focus. 98% start out online with the wrong mindset. The vast majority are not entrepreneurs, they’re opportunity seekers.

An entrepreneur has a plan. An entrepreneur will focus on one specific objective to generate revenue. He / she will create a business system of proven techniques that can be constantly tweaked and improved. They understand that success is arrived at incrementally through consistency. They know how to scale up their successes and shave off the failures.

An opportunity seeker will buy the latest and greatest method to making a million dollars overnight. They will learn all about it, try it, and when it doesn’t work the first time around, dump it and buy the next shiny object that passes their way. The opportunity seeker doesn’t really have any focused plan.

Like a tumble weed, they just drift from one opportunity to the next looking for that golden egg that surely must be out there somewhere. While the opportunity seeker is waiting for their ship to come in, the entrepreneur is building their own ship to sail.

While the opportunity seeker is spending money all the time (and getting little to nothing in return), the entrepreneur is making money. When something doesn’t produce an instant result, the op-seeker dumps it for another opportunity. The entrepreneur does their homework. They will tweak and test their methods for measurable results over time, knowing that some things need to build momentum before showing a positive result.

Do you have a plan of action? Do you follow through? Do you give yourself deadlines and meet them? Do you love improving the lives of your customers by selling them your products? If you can answer yes to these basic questions, you are very likely in the exclusive 2%.

If you find yourself in a constant spiral of info overload, surfing the forums for that elusive magic trick that’s going to make it all “click” one day, then I’m afraid that you are still in op-seek mode. You still have the J.O.B. mentality. Not to worry, there’s hope. You can turn it all around with a simple desire to act.

Here’s your new mantra to get you pointed in the right direction. FOCUS – BUILD – SELL

If you don’t have a website yet, then start one today! Right Now, and follow the mantra above. This will be your first step to success. Oh, and you don’t have to shell out a fortune to have it built either. You can get my complete course on how to build an awesome website using WordPress which is a FREE open source CMS. This blog is built on WordPress.

Creating a professional looking website will be the perfect start to developing your entrepreneurial mindset (focus & build). In the future, you can have others do it of course, but for now you need to build that mindset, grasshopper… FOCUS – BUILD – SELL.

You can get the complete Red Hot Mini-Sites with WordPress, course by clicking below:


11 thoughts on “Entrepreneur or Opportunity Seeker?”

  1. I couldn’t agree more with the central theme of “action” in your post. It is critical to realise that perfection is not necessary in an online business. In fact, perfection is pretty much unobtainable and seeking it (the perfect product, the perfect look and feel, the perfect sales headline, etc) will only serve to use up considerable energy and time, neither of which is abundant when just starting out.

    A blog certainly is a great way to kick it all off and cut your teeth if you haven’t yet explored the online world. I have developed a good understanding of online business not only just reading about the vast range of online business opportunities but taking a couple by the horns and giving it a go.

  2. Excellent post! I am sure there are many who feel they are entrepeneurs but in reality they are just trying to jump on a bandwagon that has been going for awhile.

  3. @Mike – A blog is also a great way to centralize your online business and share your experiences (or whatever, depending on your market). Taking things by the horns and going for it is what I have found to be the trigger to building momentum. Not that focus & direction isn’t important, but sometimes you just have to step on the gas pedal and steer your way onto the road. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Tracy – You are sooooo right. I see it all the time. So many jump on the bandwagon of the day, just to hop onto the next one as it passes by. ๐Ÿ˜›


  4. Long time no see Jack.

    Saw Aaron Brandon’s mention of your for your blog carnival software. Sorry I hadn’t come across it a long time before. I have tried outsourcing, using ‘interns’, a submission service which then stopped and recommended a product that seemed unlikely to produce good results.

    Good to see you have continued to grow, and am looking forward to making use of your blog carnival software when my focus returns to blogging.

    1. Hi Martin,

      Nice to hear I got a mention from Aaron. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m always happy to hear about people that really benefit from my products.

      Looking forward to seeing you get active on the blogging scene again Martin, you have some good stuff on your blog.


  5. It is not easy been an entrepreneur. One should have those specific traits which make the difference between been a person who can be an entrepreneur and a person who wants to be but cannot be. The article is well written and I agree with all the points. Good to read it.

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