Don’t Be a Tool

ow-toolEver notice how the standard push button income is $10,000 per month? Surf out to any sales letter on any “make money online” website, and chances are that for a nominal fee you can make 10k per month with little or no effort.

Just buy their magic pill and you’re on easy street. Not bad for $39 bucks eh? So how come they never work? Why is it that so many internet business hopefuls end up with nothing but a hard drive full of broken digital pipe dreams?

Perhaps it’s because so many people go into this thinking that the internet is this magical universe where endless streams of wealth will pour into their lap if only they can just learn the trick.

That elusive trick that the “gurus” keep to themselves while teasing you with their systems packaged for public consumption, but somehow falling short of the real secrets which are only shared within their elite inner circle. The IM illuminati.

Look Familiar? inner-circle



Is there such a secret society? Or is it merely a myth perpetuated by the over active imaginations of others? One thing I can say about marketing on the internet is that you really don’t need to be looking for that elusive “trick” to be successful.

The internet is a medium in which you can market, just like either a physical storefront, or a flea market booth can also be a medium. There’s obviously many advantages to marketing online, but if you realize that the internet is just another tool that you can use to create an income, your perspective will be much clearer on the bigger picture.

So is 10k a month unrealistic for online marketing? Not at all. Is it unrealistic to expect 10k a month right away with little to no effort? Yes.

Many people give up after a short go around in internet business because they bought into the hype that making money online is easy as pie and completely effortless. They don’t realize that there is a learning curve involved just like anything else. It takes practice to get good at it, and it takes time to build a viable long term business with a loyal following of repeat customers.

If you’re just getting started in Internet business, and if God forbid, you are also in a desperate financial situation, don’t be a tool. Do what you have to in order to get through the crunch, and then come back when you can build a real business without the pressure of having to pay the rent in two days or face eviction.

Building a business for the long term takes dedication along with that four letter ‘w’ word. It’s not always that easy, but it’s also not that difficult. I’m willing to bet that you’ll find this journey to be one the most enjoyable and rewarding endeavors that you may ever experience during these hundred or so trips around the sun. πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Tool”

    1. Hi George,

      Thanks for the comment & nice to hear from you! I think you and me have probably been to the same school, LOL. πŸ™‚

  1. Hey Jack, I’m really glad you’ve posted this revelation about the seedy side of IM. I dedicated a 10-part series to it recently on my blog. If you’re interested, take a look at the first post here It’s a short read but I talk about the same concept. It takes time, effort, vision and determination.

    Keep the fire burning. Some will see the light and go on to be successful.

    Cheers, Michael

  2. Hi Michael,

    That’s a great series you got there. πŸ™‚ No B.S. and right on the money. I see that your reality check does have much in common & I can tell that you are connecting with your readers very well… A+!!!

    You gave me a great idea for a new post… featuring your series! 😎


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