Creating Your New Website & Some SEO Tips

Probably the biggest challenge in any new business is taking that first step. You have a vision, you want freedom and a great income. Now you've resolved yourself to make the move. What next? This is where most people experience "motivational paralisys". If you're starting on your own, lack of information on what to do next can be a real blow to that initial burst of motivation. Here's some info that may help. When you've done your market research and have that new product that you created or are referring as an affiliate, or even retailing, you are ready to get your first website. The important thing is to get your website as soon as possible. Even before you have a clue about the design of the site, get your domain and at least put a basic framework or placeholder there. Or better yet, stick a squeeze page in there and start collecting names and building your list. Now you'll have a receptive audience already primed for your product when you're ready to "go live". The main idea here is to get the clock ticking on the age of your website. Google especially, takes the age of your website into consideration for ranking. Even if you don't plan to "go live" for a few months, get something there to get the clock ticking. Besides, this will also keep you commited to your goal, now that you've invested in the domain and hosting. When choosing a domain name, it's smart to use your best keyword in the name. If you're selling pellet guns, for example, then something like "" would be favored by the search engines when some one searched for the term "pellet guns". Did you ever notice that many of the top listings in the search engines have the keyword you typed right inside their web address? Hmmmmm Choosing a host is another thing to consider. There are many out there, and depending on your needs, sometimes you have to be careful. I use dreamhost, because I like the flexibility of having "Crontab" available for my auto responder software. Some webhosts don't offer this feature, and if you're running any web based scripts for your sites, you may need to look closer at what the web host has to offer. Dreamhost also gives me the choice of two PHP versions and unlimited domains and MYSQL databases under one account! Also you're space and monthly bandwidth is insane! You start out with something like 10 gigs and it increases every month! When creating your home page, remember to design your page around your best keywords, but don't make it obvious, or over stuff your content with them, or it will have the opposite effect. Back to the example with pellet guns. Let's say that your are specializing in antique pellet guns and "antique pellet guns" is your top choice for keywords. Be sure "antique pellet guns" is in your page title, your heading, body (of course) and even footer as a inernal link to yourself. These are some small basic things that can make a world of difference. Even for google. The next step for cranking your rankings in the likes of google is to get back-links to your website. Create a blog, write articles and submit them, get active in forums (but don't get sucked in by all the bad advice that is floating around in these places). Getting back-links to your website is essential for high "organic" rankings in Google. If your back-links are coming from sites with a high google page rank, then all the better. These basics should get you started in the right direction. Just remember, taking that first step is the most important. Without action, it will never happen.