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internet business blogI've been following Richard Lee's blog for a couple of months now and I have to admit that I've been quite impressed.  Every day that I've visited his blog, I have found a new post.  Richard posts daily, and on top of that, he offers great value to his readers.  Since I have moved my blog from to, I have resolved to making daily posts as well.  This may be a bit of a challenge, but I plan to meet it.  

One of Richard Lee's products is called Blog Content Roadmap.  I have a feeling that his course contains just the material that I can use to boost the quantity and quality of my own blog postings.  I will be purchasing his course soon and I will offer a review on just how effective his techniques really are.  Richard Lee has really taken the internet business bull by the horns.  Releasing product on a regular basis, posting valuable content every day, and sharing his techniques often.

Richard was one of just a few people who visited James Brausch in Costa Rica last fall.  In just a few short months, Richard went from being a slave to a J.O.B. & making around 50 bucks a month from his online business, to declaring his freedom and making a living completely from his internet business!  Obviously Richard's trip to Costa Rica and meeting James Brausch has had a profound effect on Richard & his business.

Richard Lee is a definite breath of fresh air for internet business, and if you think he's another one of the "gurus" think again!  Richard Lee is the genuine article.  If you've bought into all the B.S. from the hucksters and are constantly chasing the latest "opportunity" while your credit card balance is ever increasing, then check out Richard Lee.  Richard is an ex-marketing junkie himself who has seen the light and found his way out of the darkness.

Do yourself a favor and check out his blog

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