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Xingla Pro 4 Has Arrived

Xingla4-Cover smI have to admit, I’m pretty excited to announce that Xingla Pro version 4 has now been officially released!

It’s been a long time coming. Xingla Pro has been rewritten to be bigger and better than ever. It has a new look and new features as well.

Xingla Pro is now completely form based, which means that you no longer need to interact with an internal web browser to build your lists, and add categories.

Also, I was able to streamline the functions so that certain convenience features are automatic.

For example, in Xingla Pro 3 there was a “Find Inactives” button that you would press to see if your list was up-to-date. If not, then Xingla Pro would find the outdated carnivals and prompt you to delete them.

Now this whole process is automatic, every time you start Xingla Pro, or open a list.

Also, the Search Filter is integrated into the list area, instead of being only visible in a popup window as in the previous version.

Carnival submissions with the Auto Submit feature are now very accurate. Xingla Pro submits the carnivals at a slower pace (roughly the time it takes to refresh a web page, for each item), to ensure 100% accuracy.

Here is a quick run down of some of the new features!

Submission Logs – You can now keep track of all your carnival submissions in the submissions logs table. Submissions are listed by many categories including Submission date & time, permalink, list name, etc.

You have the option to export your log entries to a .CSV file as well.

The most recent submission is also noted in Xingla Pro’s taskbar showing the Date & time of the last submission, plus the list name that the post was submitted to. When you mouse over the information, you will see the permalink for that submission in the tool tip.

Carnival Details – Now there’s no reason to piss off a carnival host because your list wasn’t targeted enough. Simply double click an item and a complete description of the carnival is displayed in the tool tip as shown below:







Remarks Column – Sometimes a carnival may require some special information from the submitter that needs to go into the remarks field. You can now add a remarks entry to your list item so that it gets submitted every time.

Drag & Drop List Building – When you start Xingla Pro, a complete list of all the blog carnivals is generated from which you can build your lists from. Use the Search Filter to narrow down your results, select the relevant carnivals, and drag them over to the adjoining table.

When you are ready, you can save the items to a new list, or add them to your currently open list.

Auto-Checking of Inactive Carnivals – Every time you start Xingla Pro, or when you open a new list, your list will be automatically purged of any dead carnivals. Blog carnivals come and go for various reasons. The auto-checking feature will ensure that you never submit to an extinct carnival.

Automatic Login to – Xingla Pro now has an integrated login field for By default, Xingla Pro will save your login info so that you will be auto-logged in every time you start Xingla Pro. You need to be logged into your free account to auto-submit.

Here is a screen shot of Xingla Pro:









To check out all the great features of Xingla Pro, you can get the Xingla Pro Help file here.

If you want to automatically build back-links, and increase traffic to your blog, you can get a copy of Xingla Pro here:

Say Hello to AmazingCloaker 7

AmazingCloaker7-box sm

Well, I’ve been hard at work in my secret lab perfecting AmazingCloaker 7. Yes, I really do have a secret lab. I bought it from grandpa Munster just before he moved back to Transylvania back in ’98.

It took awhile to clean out the bat droppings, but I decided to leave the cobwebs in place for dramatic effect and inspiration.

After getting my hair smoked by tripping on one of grandpa Munster’s old test tubes, and falling into the jacob’s ladder which was still plugged in, I had this great idea… Why not take AmazingCloaker 6 to the next level?

One thing that I really wanted to do from the start was to improve the FTP feature and make it easy to use and feature rich. Unfortunately, Adobe Air was limiting what I could do with FTP, because it really doesn’t have that much going on in that department.

As a result, I decided to rewrite AmazingCloaker in good ol’ C++, a programing language where anything’s possible. For you Mac and Linux users, not to worry, AmazingCloaker 7 is also available for you as well!

The FTP feature now has an explore feature so that you can navigate around your website if you wish. This is especially handy if you have shared web hosting, and you want to locate your homepage folder when setting up your FTP list.

I have also added a button which allows you to automatically upload your acslideup folder. Previously, if you wanted to create a slide-up capture form for your website, you had to manually upload this folder by using another FTP client such as FileZilla.

AmazingCloaker is blazing fast. The Adobe Air version was a bit sluggish in certain areas, and that always annoyed me a little. The interface also has additional tabs for the Slideup creator and Article Cloaker, so that you can easily navigate directly to them if you desire.

Speaking of easy navigation, the “Saved Sessions” list is now in the same tab window as the Cloaking fields for easy access and reference.

The slideup creator has been optimized for better performance as well. Now when you select different graphics options, those changes are reflected instantly as you mouse over the selections. Also, you can see other changes (such as picture size or slide-out times) update just by pressing Enter after making your changes.

In fact, every aspect of the AmazingCloaker has been optimized for speed and smooth performance. This is the easiest to use version to date. Here is a screenshot of AmazingCloaker 7:

If you want to get a detailed picture of what AmazingCloaker 7 is all about, you can get the help file here:

And of course, you can find the sales page with videos and demos of some of the features here:

He’s Baaaa-ck


From March 12, 2006 to the middle of 2008, James Brausch was among the top bloggers of the internet business arena.

During these two years online, James amassed a huge following because of his no nonsense shoot from the hip style, dishing out a lot of value to the online business community.

His teachings, of course, were always backed with solid statistical evidence based on his own research as he grew.

If I remember correctly, James worked as a statistician at one time, and was a programmer before declaring his freedom from the work force back on September 1, 2003.

By June of 2008, James had migrated his business to a new domain –, and was living in Costa Rica (and still is as far as I know). He sold his business shortly afterwards and went off into retirement with a one year no compete clause as part of the terms from the sale of his business.

Even though he’s been under the radar, it seems that he has been busy with some new innovations. He has developed an interesting product called IBB, or Internet Business Box. This is a complete blogging system, or more accurately, a business system with built in continuity.

Beyond that, I don’t know too much more about it at this point, but it appears to be structured as a membership oriented blog, with a complete system onboard similar to a traditional offline business franchise.

This looks very interesting indeed, and will warrant further investigation.

Since his retirement, many who really didn’t know much about James, thought that he was in reality many different people on the net. I’ve heard that he was Stephen Dean, Aaron Brandon, Kristi Daniels, and even Michel Fortin!

I’ve always gotten quite the chuckle from these types of ridiculous rumors, so for the heck of it, I decided to try an experiment. I found a photo of Aaron Brandon and used photoshop to superimpose a Hawaiian shirt onto Aaron.

Much to my surprise, with the Hawaiian shirt, Aaron Brandon looked exactly like James! Okay, this was just too weird, so next I took a photo of Frank Kern and again, superimposed a Hawaiian shirt on him… again, he looked exactly like James!

Now surely, this couldn’t happen with Kristi Daniels… but alas, the same result!!! Kristi became the splitten image of James. Now this was just getting downright scary.

“How could this be?!”, I asked myself. Later I consulted a well known professor from Cambridge University who explained to me that this is a simple result of the “Superman effect”.

He went on to explain that Superman was able to render himself completely unrecognizable simply by putting on a pair of eyeglasses. James Brausch has mastered this same technique, only in reverse using a Hawaiian shirt. Without the Hawaiian shirt, James is able to morph into anyone, anytime, at will!

So the shocking truth is, that James is everybody that you see online who has an internet business presence. Don’t believe me? Try the Hawaiian shirt test for yourself… You’ll be shocked, amazed, and maybe even a little terrified.

Once you recover from the shock, jump out to James’ blog and either get to know him, or get back on his list. Whichever the case may be, you can find him here:

Oh, and welcome back James!

The Worlds Coolest Blogging Software

BlogDeskEvery so often, I stumble across something that stands out above the noise and makes me go “wow, that’s cool!”.

It’s an application called “BlogDesk” created by Johannes Oppermann. BlogDesk lets you write and publish new blog updates right from your desktop.

It’s compatible with all the major blogging platforms, including WordPress. In fact, the last post that I wrote was done in BlogDesk!

Adding pictures to your posts, bullet points, and any formatting is effortless the the BlogDesk WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) visual interface.

Typing a great looking article is as easy as pie. Writing blog posts is a joy with this software. It’s a nice, clean, intuitive interface which allows me to be creative without having to muddle with complex menus.

Setting this up to work with my blog was also a breeze. A setup wizard simply walks you through the steps, and does most of it for you!

Now I can simply write my blog updates, click my categories, and submit. Oh, & if you want to edit your update later after it’s already been published, you can do that too. Very cool.

One thing that I particularly like is how easy it is to insert pictures, audio files, pdf’s, etc. You can simply insert them from your computer, and BlogDesk will upload them automatically to your website when you publish your blog.

I’ve tried a couple other offline blogging apps, like Windows Live Writer from Microsoft. It was pretty good, but when I would publish, the formatting never seemed quite right, especially with pictures. so I stopped using it after a couple of times.

I can tell that BlogDesk will be my weapon of choice for blogging from here on out. You can also have multiple blogs in BlogDesk. Just create your article, choose your blog (or blogs) to publish to & voila!

There are a ton of other features that I haven’t even touched upon such as adding effects, resizing, & thumbnailing of your pictures, frequently used phrases feature, tag generator, and more…

Oh yeah, there’s just one catch… the price… its, er… ahem… it’s FREE! Yes, I couldn’t believe it either. This is a first class piece of software, take it from a guy who develops software myself. I would give it three thumbs up if I had an extra hand.

If you’re a blogger, and you haven’t tried this yet, go check it out. I think you’ll love it as much as I do. And if so, why not show them a little love while you’re at it.

Being Proactive is Hard

By magnusmagnus on Flickr

Did you know that nearly everyone that jumps into the “make money online” arena spend tons of cash on how to do this, and how to do that?  Perhaps they’ll shoot out of the gate running and register a web domain & get hosting.  They might even go so far as to put up a web page with a few affiliate links (but not likely).

It’s sad, but true.  I would estimate that a good 98% out there never take any action whatsoever on the information that they purchase.  You might be thinking “well maybe that’s true, but I’m an exception.  One of these days I’m going to get moving and get myself online and making some serious bank, just as soon as I find the right system.”

Hmmm, I hope that everyone reading this blog succeeds.  That’s the point of being here, right?  The keys to success is based on two major factors.  Learning to market online, of course, but it must be followed through with taking decisive action.

This means stepping outside of the comfort zone.  This is unexplored territory, which is a scary place to be if you are to venture out into changing your future.

This is why 98% never actually follow through.  It’s more comfortable to keep ‘working on building a business’.  As long as you are ‘working on it’, you are not failing.  The down side of always ‘working on it’ is that you’re not getting anywhere either.  Before you know it, another year is shot and it’s time to make that new year’s resolution that THIS time, you are going to really do something.

If you fall in this category, do yourself a favor.  Don’t make a resolution this year.  Instead, stop what your doing right now and get that domain that you’ve been thinking about all this time.  Really!  I’m serious!  Go get it right now… I’ll just wait here until you return…

Got it?  Great….  What?  No we’re not finished yet!  Now let’s monetize it.  No matter what you heard, you need to DO something to make money.  Yes, everybody who is making anything off of the internet is selling something.

It could be affiliate marketing, or maybe you like to write and you created an ebook, report, or audio/video CD.  Ok, now let’s find a decent sales page with a similar product from another site and study it.  What is it that makes you want to buy their product?  Nothing?  Find another sales page.  Ok, now what is it?

Write out that sales page by hand to train your mind how to write decent copy and to be persuasive to your visitors.  This is a great way to improve your copywriting skills.

If you are into affiliate marketing instead, go out to some good affiliate review sites and do the same thing.  By the way, you can learn the ropes of affiliate marketing here.

Now download a copy of Kompozer and create your sales page.  Sign up for a Clickbank account and put your product into the affiliate system.  The cost to register your product is $49.  If you’re broke right now, get a PayDotCom account instead… Your first product is free to sell through them.

Paste your payment link into your sales page and viola! you’re in business!  See?  That wasn’t so hard.  Now you can drive traffic to your site.  That will be the subject of my next post.

Staying in a reactive cycle of broke and searching for opportunities is much easier than being proactive, getting out of your comfort zone, and going for it.

Remember what I’ve said before; being broke is a direct result of inaction.  Inaction to build your business.  Inaction to spend your money wisely, etc… etc.

Act on getting your online business started and you will quickly see that actually DOING is a lot easier than you think!

Submitting to Blog Carnivals Can Be Painful

pic from www.halfpixel.comLast year when I first started submitting to blog carnivals, I often wondered if it was worth it to go through all the tedious work of looking through the list of several hundred blog carivals to find the ones relevant to my blog post.

To be effective, the best way was to start at the beginning of the drop down list and scan through each listing until you find a blog carnival relevant to your subject matter.  Select it, fill out the form and click Submit.  Then repeat the process until you’ve made it all the way through the list.  Usually, it took me about an hour to do the whole list.  I kept coming back because the results were really making a difference.

The problem was that since I didn’t want to outsource it (outsourcing time consuming tasks is good by the way), I would have to muster up the ambition and time to do it.  That didn’t always work out so well.

I finally reached the point where I thought to myself “there MUST be a better way, Ugggh!”

When looking for a solution for this problem, I made the most logical move… I Googled it.  I searched for “blog carnival submitters” and a zillion variations of it.  I found a number of blog carnival submission services & some weren’t half bad.  Robert Phillips was way up there on my personal list.  I was pretty surprised that there was no software to handle this task though.  Heck, even if I had a submission service, I would find this very handy!

Well, being that programming is one of my favorite past times (I know, I’m a geek), and making money is another, I did the next logical thing… created my own blog carnival submitter!  Anyone following my blog for a while is likely familiar with Xingla Pro.

This is my favorite piece of software that I have written and I’m quite proud of it.  Today I just officially released version 3.

Xingla Pro 3 has some exciting new features that weren’t available before.

For example, Xingla Pro 3 now has a Quick Finder search feature.  Before, you still had to troll through the entire drop down box to build your list.  By saving your list, you still saved a ton of time with Xingla Pro 2, but I was still haunted by the tedious process of building the list itself.

Now with the Quick Finder, you can type in a keyword relating to the type of carnival you are looking for and it will list out all the available blog carnivals for that keyword!  Then you can simply select and add to your new list, or your current one.  Yesterday, I built a list of 23 carnivals relating to “internet business” and “making money” in under a minute.

The next thing that I felt the new Xingla needed was some way to let you know when you had dead carnivals in your list.  Blog carnivals come & go, and before you know it, you have a list speckled with dead blog carnivals.  You might think you have a list of 30 but maybe only 22 of them are still active.

This is where the “Check Inactives” feature comes into play.  Now you can simply click a button and it will instantly scan your list for dead carnivals.  You will then be shown a list of the dead carnivals and asked if you want to delete them.  Pretty cool stuff if I don’t say so myself.

Other new features include a smart dupe checker to warn you that a carnival already exists in your list if you happen to be modifying your list with new carnivals.

After filling out the form fields, you can now simply press the ‘Enter’ key to begin the Auto Submit process.  Previously, you had to be careful not to do this or the “Submit” button would activate from within  Anytime I fill out online forms, just by shear reflex, I hit the ‘Enter’ button as soon as I’m ready to submit.  Adding the ability for Xingla Pro to auto submit upon detecting the ‘Enter’ key press was a natural evolutionary step.  It’s a convenient alternative to clicking the ‘Auto Submit’ button.

The Auto Update feature has also been improved.  I noticed that in some Windows configurations, people were not always able to update smoothly.  Now it should be a breeze for everyone.  Xingla Pro checks for updates in the background when you start the app.

Also, I’ve had numerous requests to to have an affiliate program for Xingla Pro.  As of today, Xingla Pro 3 now has an affiliate program with a 50/50 split after merchant fees.  At the moment this is a $47 payout.

Finally, Xingla no longer requires the Microsoft dotNet Framework!  I rebuilt Xingla Pro from the ground up in an entirely new programming language that is Win32, and doesn’t force its users into installing the dotNet Framework if they don’t already have it.

Some of my customers didn’t have the dotNet Framework on their machines which made for a long beastly install as it auto downloaded from Microsoft and configured itself. Afterwards, it required a restart of their PC just for good measure.  It kinda reminded me of the classic double glove slap… Wap-Bap!

Xingla Pro has a sleek new look, and my testing indicates that it’s rock stable.  If you have a blog, or are running a submission service, you should check out the video on the sales page here:

BTW – Next week I’ll be raising the price on Xingla Pro to $147.

The Ten Commandments For a Stable Internet Business

10 Commandments for a stable INTERNET BUSINESSThe ten commandments in the Hebrew bible is something that if followed, can certainly help promote harmony in our lives and in the lives of others.  It can be considered a basic road map of principles on which to live our life.  Life doesn’t come with an owners manual, so often times we learn the laws of cause and effect the hard way.

Stick your finger in the fire and you get burned.  Guidelines for our lives can help us avoid some of those un-pleasantries by heeding the advice given by others.  The learned ones who have been down that path and have made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Well now, I give to you the Ten Commandments of Internet Business.  There was no trip to the mountain top with a burning bush.   No golden tablets zapped out by a divine presence. Just something to help guide and keep you on the right hand path.

1. You Shall Take Action

Action is the key to everything. If there were ever a magic formula, it could be summed up in one word, ‘action’. Poverty is merely the visible manifestation of inaction.


2. Diversify Your Income Streams

Never depend on one source of income. Once you have a stable source of income such as from your own product, diversify into other markets. Also, add affiliate income for digital & physical products, as well as CPA to your repertoire.


3. Diversify Your Traffic Sources

Never depend solely on one source of traffic. SEO is great, but then you’re at the mercy of the Search Engines. Same with PPC (Pay Per Click). Add other strategies as well (Blogs, forums, articles, E-Zine advertising, banner ads, CPM, etc.).


4. Forsake Not Your Customers

Supporting your customers is one of the single most important elements of your business. If customer service gets to be too much of a bother for you, just start ignoring them. They’ll all go away eventually. Oh, and so will your income.


5. You Shall Not Offer Junk Content

The quality of your content directly reflects the quality of your products or service. Going that extra mile for good quality content will pay for itself forever. If your site is full of scraped, auto-rewritten content, then your visitor will immediately pick up on it and go elsewhere.


6. You Shall Not Enslave Yourself

Define your goals before you go into business. Is it more freedom that you want? If so, don’t get caught in the enslavement trap by trading your own skills for money. You’ll find yourself working 15 hour days for a paltry income. Outsource the work. Collectively, you can get thousands of hours of work accomplished in a week instead of just 60+ and killing yourself to boot. Leverage & scale = profit and more profit!


7. You Shall Not Bear False Info to Your Visitors

Never mis-lead your visitors with hyped up information, false promises and fake testimonials. This kind of stuff will catch up to you fast, and will ruin the one thing that you can’t fix… your reputation.


8. You Shall Not Spam

This one should be obvious. Not only is e-mail spamming illegal, it can get complaints filed against you that can get your domain suspended. Also, spamming the forums & blogs accomplishes little more than pissing people off.


9. Honor Your Mentor

If you have a mentor or marketing coach, listen to what they have to say and carryout their advice. You may sometimes think that they are wrong about some strategies, because they don’t fit comfortably into your perception of how your business should work. Just remember that he/she has already been to the mountain and back, and you are still the grasshopper preparing for the journey.


10. You Are Commanded To Prosper

Sometimes it seems that society has made ‘rich’ a dirty word. It’s OK to be wealthy. Don’t settle for a mediocre existence. Think big! Don’t limit your ambitions to making just enough to pay your bills with a little left over at the end of the day. Be set for life. Our cup was not meant to be empty, or simply to be filled. It is meant to be continuously running over with all the prosperity, joy and good health that the universe has to offer.


Don’t miss out on the wonderful things that surround us in life. Follow these guidelines for your Internet business, and success will be yours for the taking.

Some Info on Link Cloaking & AmazingCloaker 5

Best Affilliate Link CloakerAmazingCloaker 5 has now been released.  If you are a current owner of AmazingCloaker, the upgrade is free and automatic of course.

There’s a lot of improvements in AmazingCloaker 5.  One of my main motivations for AC-5 was to get rid of the requirement for the Microsoft dotNet Framework.  I’ve found that many people who purchased AmazingCloaker didn’t have the latest version of the dotNet Framework and it was pain to have to upgrade or install the latest version.  This was automatic during the install, but could make for a long install and restarting the computer.

AmazingCloaker 5 eliminates the need for the dotNet Framework, and now for those without the Framework at all, AmazingCloaker will install, because it has been redesigned in an entirely new programming language.

It is much more streamlined in design, and uses a fraction of the resources without compromising the great features that the AmazingCloaker is known for.

One of the most powerful features that the AmazingCloaker is known for is the embedded cookie feature.  You can create an embedded cookie and add it to your affiliate review or landing page. Your visitor will be cookied with your affiliate info, even if they don’t click your affiliate link.

What this means is that if they bypass your link, or simply don’t bother to check out the product, but then think about it and buy the product directly from the vendor, say a week later… You still get credit for the sale even though your link was never physically clicked.

And why not? You still took the time to put up your review page and educate the visitor on the benefits of the product, so why not receive the credit that’s due? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how quickly that these recovered conversions can add up.

Link cloaking helps keep your affiliate info hidden so that people can’t simply replace your affiliate ID with their own.  This is called link hi-jacking because your affiliate link has now become their affiliate link on their own purchase.  They are reimbursed the affiliate commission, allowing them to get the product at a discount, and at your expense.

Link cloaking isn’t all about security.  Most readers simply won’t trust a review of a product with an affiliate link.  This is because the visitor naturally assumes that the review is biased because you want them to click your link.  Credibility is reduced and they may either move on, or bypass your link… just because.

A cloaked link looks natural.  This is because it is pointing to a redirect page which still resides on your own website.

If you’d like to know more about how link cloaking works, it’s covered in the AmazingCloaker Help file.

You can get it here:

You can see the video of the AmazingCloaker’s features here:

Erasing Limiting Beliefs

Erasing Limiting Beliefs by George LutzEvery once in a while, a book or ebook comes along that stands out and makes you go “whoa!”.  These are the times when those defining memories are created through self revelations about yourself and the universe around you.

There’s many good books out there that tease you with bits of wisdom and useful philosophies that can help you down the road to enlightenment and self improvement.

More often than not, however, we are left a little short changed and wondering why the techniques outlined don’t quite live up to our expectations when we apply them to our own lives.

This is usually the case because, as warm and fuzzy as some books can make you feel about changing your life, they just don’t address the core beliefs that you may hold.

This is where Self-Transformation Beyond Belief, by George Lutz really stands out as one of the finest self transformation ebooks that I have ever come across.   The title really nails it.

In this book, you really get down to the very core of what it is that defines us.  We are defined by our beliefs.  Think about it…  we literally are our beliefs and memories.

Not all of our beliefs are good beliefs, yet we hold them because we misinterpreted or made a judgment on some aspect of an experience, which was then filed into our unconscious mind.

This limiting belief now has become a part of who we are, and all the positive affirmations in the world to change it aren’t really going to help, because deep down inside we still hold that core belief as being true.

If you’ve ever tried positive affirmations to reverse a negative belief, you know the feeling of what I’m talking about.  It’s the feeling that you would get trying to convince yourself that the sky is really green when you know it to be blue.

This ebook shows you how to get beyond those limiting beliefs once and for all.  Not to simply mask your limiting beliefs, but to ERASE and replace them!  This is the only true way to self-transformation, and take it from me, it works!

The stunning revelations that you gain through this ebook will forever change the way you see the world around you.  For the skeptic,  George Lutz backs up these concepts with quantum physics.  Science is only now beginning to see the profound interconnection with your physical universe and the divine.  George does a wonderful job at explaining these concepts in a language that you & I can understand.

I had the honor of crossing paths with George Lutz via this magical medium of the internet nearly two years ago.  George is an extremely fascinating, kind and enlightened soul.  He is a retired CEO of a technology related company.

George has had many highs as well as low points in his lifetime.  Depression was a condition in which he had to battle with for a good many years.  About 7 years ago, George’s life went through an amazing transformation.

Never again to deal with the devastating effects of depression and an unfulfilled life that can come as a result of being a slave to your own limiting beliefs.  Realizing that no obstacle can’t be overcome, including illnesses & disease.  These of course, are also manifestations of negative and conflicting beliefs.

His fascination with quantum physics, the universe, and what it is exactly that makes us tick inside, all seemed to combine to form a life changing experience.  An experience so profound, that now he must share this with the world.

This is a must read for anyone who truly wants live their lives to the fullest.  You can take control of your destiny! Don’t ever settle for having destiny control you.

Self-Transformation Beyond Belief is something that can forever change your life.  I would never waste your time or mine writing about this if I didn’t truly believe in this myself.  What’s more, after reading this ebook, you’ll almost feel guilty that you only paid $29.97 for this!

Do yourself a favor, if you want the most out of life, take a quick assessment of yourself.  Are you not completely satisfied with where your are in life? Do you seem to always end up in bad relationships? Loaded down with debt? Maybe your internet business is in the tank.

We all have some aspect in our lives that could use a makeover.  Take a time out from what you’re doing right now and pick up a copy of this amazing ebook.  You can get it here:

As you can see, this is not an affiliate link, and I don’t get a dime from the sales of this book.  I believe in George and the power of my own experiences with this wonderful ebook. The treasures that I have gained from this ebook are truly priceless.

I would like you to experience the power of George Lutz’s words as well.  Self-transformation in your own life is just a click away.

Copywriting The Right Way Vs The Scary Way

I was perusing Terry Dean’s online business blog today and happened across a hilarious post called “Do You Have HyperCopyitis? ”  It’s not only funny, but it really drives home a point that is so prevalent in copywriting all over the net.

In a very witty way, Terry points out how such an overwhelming number of sales letters are so hyped up that it’s pathetic.  For example, the typical Paypal or Clickbank statements showing thousands of dollars a minute being cranked out because of their super secret system.  Yeah right… I always suspect, whether right or wrong, that those kinds of images are Photoshopped.

Other typical things like the yellow highlighter in every other paragraph, the eighty kazillion exclamation points scattered throughout the copy, and the endless run-on sentences which exhaust your breath, much like the one you’re reading now. 😛

The main point, I believe, that Terry is making in his post is that many copywriters, or those of us who write our own copy, fail to connect with our target audience.

These hyped up sales letters have all the “cool” emotional trigger words, the neat little graphics, the fancy buy button with the cool check box (Yes Jack! Count me in!!!) next to it.  You can hype your product to sound like the biggest thing since sliced bread, but are you really relating to your prospect, or just shouting at him… Buy! Buy! Buy it nowwww!!!

Suppose instead of talking at your visitors, we connected with them instead?  Hmmm.  Imagine  empathizing with your visitors instead.  Gently and indirectly persuading them that your product is just the perfect fit to solve the problem they have.  Not because you jammed your offer down their throat, but because they drew their own conclusions based on how you connected with them.   Because you kept them hanging on to your every word, as one paragraph leads to the next, guiding them down a pathway straight to the buy button.

Terry Dean has interviewed Shaune Clarke, a copywriter who emotionally connects with his audience without gimmicks, exaggeration, or swipe files, as Terry puts it.

What’s even more amazing to me is that Terry Dean has done a 70 minute interview with Shaune Clarke revealing some of his most valued secrets.  This is an amazing interview which is in mp3 format AND transcribed into a .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file as well, so that you can refer to either format!

How much you ask?  Only $10… You know I jumped on this one!  Terry Dean is known as one of the good guys & when you buy from Terry, you’ll always get amazing value.  This is easily the best $10 I’ve ever spent and you can bet I’ll be modifying my own web copy to test the results.

Edit Update Terry Dean informed me (in this post’s comments) that the Interview with Shaune Clarke is now at $15.  As I elaborated in my follow-up comment,  this is $15 well spent many times over.  Even if you have to skip that pizza & coke with your buddies, or pawn that guitar, get this valuable information now.  The price may go up again soon.

Don’t let the affiliate link at the end of the post fool you.  I was really inspired by & believe in this product.  In fact, if you don’t wish to use my affiliate link, then simply go out to and buy it direct.

If you want to find out more about this, just click on my semi-blatant affiliate link now.