Are You Working on Building That Internet Business?


Often times I hear people tell me that they are working on building their online business. So many people are “working” on creating their product, but don’t have one. Many are “working” on their business, but don’t yet have one.

Others are in a perpetual planning stage. I know one person (That’s you Rob!) that’s been “working” on building a business for well over a year now, and still has nothing to show for it.

Either you have a business or you don’t. Imagine if you were perpetually “working” on getting a drink of water, but never actually took a drink? Within a few days you would end up as a dehydrated carcass sprawled out on the sidewalk with some stray dog gingerly picking at your good parts.

To get that vital life sustaining fluid into your body, first you get a signal from your body that says “hey, I need water!” Instinctively, we respond by taking an action to get up, walk over to a water source, pour it into a glass, and then put it to our mouth, and drink it.

The result is that our body is now satisfied and can continue to function in a normal fashion. It wasn’t rocket science. We didn’t spend all our time in some forum asking what is the best way to get the best glass of water in the shortest amount of time.

Are you were addicted to the rush of getting in on the latest & greatest money making systems, traffic strategies, internet marketing tools, etc, but never actually do anything with them? Maybe you try one or two of the nuggets that appeal to you, then when you don’t get the desired results, you totally abandon it and move on. Well, you’re not alone. At least 98% of new marketers out there do this time and time again, all the while building an arsenal of valuable, but useless information on their hard drives.

Remember, The value of information is directly proportional to its application. Consuming the info is only half of the equation. Think of it this way… everything you have ever accomplished, no matter how big or small started as a vision or an idea first. Locked away within you, it was pure potential which hadn’t yet manifested itself into the physical world. It was your conscious decision to act that made it reality.

Why did it become reality? Was it because you were focused on making it work? This could have been something as simple as putting together a jigsaw puzzle. When you tried putting the first two pieces together, no doubt you were putting the wrong pieces together many times before you found the one that fit.

Suppose after that first failed attempt to fit that puzzle piece with it’s matching piece, you gave up and tossed the whole jigsaw puzzle. Suppose you were halfway finished but you tossed it because the picture still wasn’t complete. Now you’re off to get a new jigsaw puzzle and start over again hoping for better, quicker results. Rinse & repeat this a few times. Look at all that time & effort that has gone out the window time and time again.

This is exactly what most do in their online ventures. If this is your conundrum, you need to break out of this cycle. Now is the time to start with that first piece and build your momentum. Someday is today!

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5 thoughts on “Are You Working on Building That Internet Business?”

  1. I stumbled across your site by chance, and I must say, a lot of what you say resonates. I have been plugging away at my business for awhile now, and it seems to always be in a perpetual state of building/planning. Sigh, maybe the millions will roll in next week.

    1. Hi Mark,

      I think we have all suffered from that at one time or another. I think the most common cause is probably fear of failure, or not having a clear vision of what one wants, or even not knowing where to go next.


  2. Hi Jack,

    I’m very interested in your course. Please tell me if, as well as developing a static website with WP, your course also shows how to attach a blog.

    Thanks, George

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for the nice comment and for bookmarking me. 🙂 I’m looking forward to sharing some great info with you this year.

      BTW – You have a great name, my son’s name is also Kevin. 😉

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