Are You Stashing Buried Treasure?

buried treasure in your internet business picI was chatting with a friend a while ago about different aspects of running an internet business. I asked him if he was ever going to create any products of his own or just keep doing the affiliate marketing thing. He stunned me when he said that he had already written a couple e-books and was working on a how-to video. I asked him where his sales page was so that I could check them out, after all I was quite impressed that he already had two products. I didn’t know that he even had one! Then came the reply that explained why I didn’t know about them. He never released them. When I asked him why, his reply was that he didn’t think that they were probably good enough to actually sell to the public and that he would like to tweak them up someday.

Huh? After sending me copies of his work I was really astonished that he had never released them! The information was excellent and the e-books were very professionally done. Without trying to sound like that I thought he was crazy, I asked “are you freakin’ nuts? Why would you let these sit around like this?” Here he’s got two and soon to be three streams of income just sitting on the virtual shelf collecting dust.

I can’t help but to wonder, is he a rare exception or is this more common than I think? How about you? Have you started on a product and never finished it, or finished and not released it? I find this astounding. Why would one go to the trouble of making a product and not release it? Putting your product out there for the world to partake of, I suppose can be a scary thought to some. Before I released the AmazingCloaker , I recall thinking in the back of my mind “what if no one likes it?” “Suppose my refunds are 90 or 100%?” Sure, those can be intimidating thoughts, but I think everyone wonders whether their product is going to be well received or not.

The way I see it, if you never try to sell your product, you have already turned it into a loser. It’s like creating gold bars straight out of thin air, and then stashing them away vowing never to use them for life. Even if your product was more like copper coins rather than gold, coin is still coin, so to speak.

Don’t waste your talent or your time because of anxiety over how people will react to your product. If you put a sincere effort into your product which is useful to someone, you have a good product. Some people won’t like your product and will promptly ask for a refund, that’s just a fact. The majority will love it and you will begin getting great feedback out there from your customers. That is also a fact.

If you happen to be in this same boat, now is the time to get past this and get your product out there. Just creating products does not an internet business make. Selling and promoting them does. You took action to run with it, now complete it by taking ball over the goal line and making that touchdown.

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  1. Jack,
    Excellent post and I totally agree with you. There’s no easier way to fail than to not take action! Thanks for the encouraging words.

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