Are You Ready To Be Successful?

Everybody has their own ideas of success.  To some its having a ton of money. To others it may be a happy family life, to others health & happiness, or maybe its a combination of all or more of these factors.  

Are you getting to where you want to be?  Maybe you're already there.  If not, what would you consider your biggest obstacle?  Is it getting motivated?  Maybe you don't feel qualified to take action.  Maybe staying in a cycle of eternal learning mode is comfortable.  This, for many is the perfect excuse to avoid success.  You can easily deceive yourself into thinking that you are taking real action because you are investing your time, energy & money into your future.  But are you really serious about building your future, or are you simply an info junkie looking for your next fix? 

Think about this for a moment.  If you're constantly "learning" but never actually applying the concepts, then your desired "future" will always remain in the future.  Only by taking action on an idea or desire can you bring that future into your present reality. 

If you're not happy with your current situation, you should realize that you created it with your past actions, or more likely, inactions.  Today will soon be the past.  Tomorrow will soon be the present.  Did you build towards your future "present" by taking some sort of positive action today?  Maybe you'd rather catch that action movie on TV tonight instead.  If so, then tomorrow should be pretty much the same as today.  Rinse & repeat until you die.  Don't like that idea?  Then do something about it.

Sometimes all we have to do is find a motivating factor to keep pushing us onto success.  Here's my motivating factor.


Here's my other motivating factor:


Need I say more?

Whatever your motivating factor, start actively building your future, even if your vision is not 100% clear.  Often times its the "push" that gets the creative juices flowing and the vision solid.  Decide on a product, create a product, build a blog, a website, sign up for an affiliate or CPA program.  Anything, just do something to begin the process of change in your future.  Now keep going.  The future will be your present much sooner than you think.  Make it a good one!

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