A Useful Firefox Tool

Every once in a while I come across a neat little gem while surfing the net. I like to share these with my readers, especially the free stuff! After all, you can't get a better price than that, right? I am a [tag]Firefox[/tag] user and rarely use Internet Explorer unless I'm testing a [tag]webpage[/tag] that I'm [tag]designing[/tag] or if I need to get on some backwards website that was designed for IE users only. One of the cool things you can do with firefox is that you can add many nice extensions to your browser. Some of my personal favorites are "Forcastfox", "Download Them All", and "[tag]StumbleUpon[/tag]". The newest member of my collection is "SEOpen", which has many useful tools for checking your page rank with [tag]Google[/tag], Yahoo, MSN, [tag]Alexa[/tag], etc. With the top 3 search engines, you can also check your [tag]backlinks[/tag], cache, indexed pages, pages that are related, and even translate too! On the Alexa button you can check your alexa rating, [tag]traffic[/tag], related sites, and backlinks. If that wasn't already cool enough, you also get an "Other Tools" button which allows you to Check DMOZ, analyze your links, check your [tag]keyword density[/tag], server headers, page size, robots.txt, archives, and whois info! Whew! that's quite a list and I didn't cover them all! If you value the importance of keeping your webpages optimized for the search engines, you might want to get this tool. It's free and you can also use it to check out your fellow marketers to see how you rank in comparison to them. [tags]SEO[/tags]