A Stroll Through Tiananmen Square

Tian anmen Square is a must see when you’re in Beijing. Tian anmen is located in the center of Beijing which is China’s Capital. This is equivalent to Washington DC where the government is centered.

Page one starts out in a restaurant. We stopped there for some Beijing Duck after our trip to Tiananmen. Next there are some miscellaneous far shots of the square as we are approaching it. The square is huge. Tingting told me that its even bigger than Red Square in Moscow.

Page 2 starts off with a picture of the building where China’s congress meets. Then you see the Tiananmen building with Chairmain Mao’s portrait at the center. This is probably the scene that is most familiar to us westerners when we think of Tiananmen Square.

You also see a picture of a huge structure with a tunnel going through it. On the other side is “point zero”. This is the official exact center of the city, and all milage measurements to other points of china are all calculated from this point.

Beyond that, we walked into an area of Beijing that has been restored to its classic look from the early 20th century. We are getting ready to ride the trolley car through this section. Tingting’s mother is proudly holding Kevin

Page 3 shows more from inside this section of Beijing. This area is still being built and new businesses are moving in as I write. The official opening (for business) of this area is October 1, 2009.

8 thoughts on “A Stroll Through Tiananmen Square”

  1. Jack, I’m sure enjoying you pictures of your trip to China! I have noticed how much your parents-in-law are just loving their grandson. I think that is absolutely terrific! I look forward to some more pictures if you’re going to put them up. Are you going to the Great Wall?

  2. I was able to see the Great Wall Up Close. Kinda puts a whole new persepctive on things right? Im sure you loved the trip. I guess the food was okay?

  3. Lowell – I think that might be an understatement, LOL. My in-laws are really spoiling Kevin with their affection. 🙂 Kevin is having a great time.

    I didn’t go to to Great Wall this time. It didn’t fit into our plans this time although, I really wanted to see it again.

    Sylvia – thanks for the comment Sylvia. I couldn’t agree more. When I went to the Great Wall in 2005, it was easily my favorite. It seemed like forever to get to the top, but only seemed to take 20 minutes or so to come back down.

    I remember that the wall seemed to stretch on forever as we climbed. What a spectacular site it was!

    BTW, the food is excellent in Beijing. Some of the best cuisine I’ve ever experienced is from there. Beijing hot pot is among my favorites. 😉

  4. Hi Jack, yes you’re correct that Tienanmen Square is much larger than Red Square. Architectural a public square is not so much judged by scale solely but also aesthetics and civic parameters. Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor is very small but one of the most beautiful public spaces in all of Europe. Why? In part because it serves as a point of congregation for the people of the city. It’s like a communal living room with pedestrian friendly architecture.

  5. Thanks Rick for the insightful comment. 🙂
    Great point, Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor is definitely a contrast to Tiananmen.

    While the Plaza Mayor encourages congregation, I would imagine that Tiananmen officials would rather not have too much congregation for too long, given it’s location within the capital, LOL.


  6. Well I’ll be. What an interesting world of turn this is. Got rid of Chris…finally lost it. Making the transition to the net.

    Nice to see you got out and saw some of the world. I was in UK for awhile in 90’s. See ya

    1. The UK was pretty cool… I was there for a couple years way back in the day. Glad to hear that you got out of the desert for awhile John. 😀
      Sounds like Chris was a real downer for ya… Congrats on your new found liberation! 😀

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