A Sneak Peek

In case you haven't noticed, I haven't made a blog posting in a couple of days.  That's because I've been hard at work revamping the AmazingCloaker.  The new release will be AmazingCloaker 4.  I have rebuilt this application from the ground up.  Some of the new features that I have added include the ability to save your cloaking sessions and improved FTP capabilities.

AC4 was inspired from customer feedback and from simply using the tool myself.  I don't outsource this.  This is my own baby & I enjoy creating this kind of stuff.  One feature that I added was the ability to browse the folders via FTP of your website.  This is a convenience feature that I included because many newbies that purchase the cloaker don't have any idea where their home page is stored.  If you're using shared hosting, your website is normally stored in a public folder such as "public_html" or "httpdocs".   A majority of my support requests come as result of newbies not knowing this.  It isn't my responsibly to to show them where it is.  That's information they need to get from their web host themselves.  However, with that said, you can now connect to your FTP and see a list of your folders to easily determine where your home page is actually located.  This should be more convenient for the technically challenged as well as cutting down on frivolous support requests made outside the scope of this product. 

Another thing that I have added is the ability to save your sessions!  Now if you want to load a cloaking session back in to modify something, you can simply select a previous saved session and get back your session without having to enter all the info again from scratch.

I've also improved link handling.  For some reason, newbies tend to paste an entire block an affiliate code including the reference tags (<a xhref="bla-bla..">).  This link won't cloak, of course because the actual link begins with "http://" (without the quotes).  The user then wonders why his cloaked link doesn't work.  The link fields in the cloaker now detects these things and will trigger an error message stating the proper correction to make.    If you forget the "http://" part of your link, the cloaker will fill it in for you automatically.

There are other improvements made under the hood as well.  My current customers will be getting a free upgrade via the auto-update feature.  This will only work for current customers.  Past refunders of the product will be unable to receive the update to version 4. 

As soon as my tests show that AC4 is 100% I will be releasing it.  I estimate it to be ready this week.  I'll be creating a new sales page and videos as well.  OK, back to my programming!  How about you?  Making a product yet?  If not, why not start today? Cool

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