Xingla Pro 4 Has Arrived

Xingla4-Cover smI have to admit, I’m pretty excited to announce that Xingla Pro version 4 has now been officially released!

It’s been a long time coming. Xingla Pro has been rewritten to be bigger and better than ever. It has a new look and new features as well.

Xingla Pro is now completely form based, which means that you no longer need to interact with an internal web browser to build your lists, and add categories.

Also, I was able to streamline the functions so that certain convenience features are automatic.

For example, in Xingla Pro 3 there was a “Find Inactives” button that you would press to see if your list was up-to-date. If not, then Xingla Pro would find the outdated carnivals and prompt you to delete them.

Now this whole process is automatic, every time you start Xingla Pro, or open a list.

Also, the Search Filter is integrated into the list area, instead of being only visible in a popup window as in the previous version.

Carnival submissions with the Auto Submit feature are now very accurate. Xingla Pro submits the carnivals at a slower pace (roughly the time it takes to refresh a web page, for each item), to ensure 100% accuracy.

Here is a quick run down of some of the new features!

Submission Logs – You can now keep track of all your carnival submissions in the submissions logs table. Submissions are listed by many categories including Submission date & time, permalink, list name, etc.

You have the option to export your log entries to a .CSV file as well.

The most recent submission is also noted in Xingla Pro’s taskbar showing the Date & time of the last submission, plus the list name that the post was submitted to. When you mouse over the information, you will see the permalink for that submission in the tool tip.

Carnival Details – Now there’s no reason to piss off a carnival host because your list wasn’t targeted enough. Simply double click an item and a complete description of the carnival is displayed in the tool tip as shown below:







Remarks Column – Sometimes a carnival may require some special information from the submitter that needs to go into the remarks field. You can now add a remarks entry to your list item so that it gets submitted every time.

Drag & Drop List Building – When you start Xingla Pro, a complete list of all the blog carnivals is generated from which you can build your lists from. Use the Search Filter to narrow down your results, select the relevant carnivals, and drag them over to the adjoining table.

When you are ready, you can save the items to a new list, or add them to your currently open list.

Auto-Checking of Inactive Carnivals – Every time you start Xingla Pro, or when you open a new list, your list will be automatically purged of any dead carnivals. Blog carnivals come and go for various reasons. The auto-checking feature will ensure that you never submit to an extinct carnival.

Automatic Login to – Xingla Pro now has an integrated login field for By default, Xingla Pro will save your login info so that you will be auto-logged in every time you start Xingla Pro. You need to be logged into your free account to auto-submit.

Here is a screen shot of Xingla Pro:









To check out all the great features of Xingla Pro, you can get the Xingla Pro Help file here.

If you want to automatically build back-links, and increase traffic to your blog, you can get a copy of Xingla Pro here: