Just Suppose

quantum realitySuppose that you could manipulate your reality by simply changing your mindset.  Suppose that your reality is created in the mind first before it manifests itself into the physical realm.

Suppose that the entire universe is one connected whole.  A singularity of a super conscious mind giving the illusion of time and space to the physical expression of the body & mind.

Suppose you could instantly travel anywhere in this vast universe because you let go the idea of propulsion and instead mastered the laws that govern the microcosm… the particle-verse.

Suppose there was no future, no past.  Only a constant state of the present that is expressed in countless quantum layers of parallel realities.

Suppose that the physical mind’s expression of the self focused along a narrow beam of this eternal state of the present in a linear movement, similar to a laser in a DVD player.  Thus giving the illusion of a past and future.

Suppose that by peering deep into space that you are really looking at a distorted view of your own inner self?

Is your brain hurting yet?  All of a sudden, internet marketing just doesn’t seem so tough any more, does it!

Why Do You REALLY Want An Internet Business?

Start My Internet Business

In this post I’d like you to get into the meat & potatoes of why you want an internet business.  Most of us think that we know what we’re working towards, but do we really?  Why do you want to get started?  If you already have an online business, what is your goal?

Is it to make a million dollars by the end of the year?

Let’s say that your goal is to make a million dollars.  Would a million dollars really satisfy your true desire?

I’ll be willing to bet that at the very core of your true desire, what you really want is not a million dollars itself, but what a million dollars could give you.  To really get to the meat of what it is that you really want, you need to ask yourself WHY do I want a million dollars?  Just to have a million bucks?  Ask yourself this question and your answers will guide you to your TRUE desires.  Maybe you want the freedom to travel the world.  Perhaps you want to be there for your family and watch your kids grow up.  Maybe you just want to do something different than what you have trapped yourself into with a 9-5 J.O.B.

In reality, that million dollars (or any amount of money) would simply be the vehicle or tool to get you what you really want.

Once you get into the core of your true desire, you may find that you don’t need a million dollars at all.  It may only take a fraction of that to give you what you want.  It may only take a different system.  A system that will generate equal or slightly greater income that you are making in the 9-5 grind.

What most of us are really after is the lifestyle.  The freedom to do what you want, when you want.  The freedom to pick up and leave for Aruba and hang on the beach for a while.

If you’re only focusing on huge dollar goals for your business, you may be missing out on your truly desired lifestyle.  If you’re still trading your time for money, whether in a J.O.B. or your business, you are not moving into the direction of freedom, and most likely not towards your true desire.

If it’s freedom you want then start working towards freedom now.  Don’t handcuff yourself into self-employment where you will be working 18 hours a day.

If you haven’t started yet, then start that blog today.  Create that product and put it out there.  Sign up for some affiliate programs and get your feet wet.  Take action & do something.  This is the single most important thing that you can do.  Don’t waste time over-analyzing what a good market is, or setting 20 different goals to meet in order to get your internet business off the ground.  Jump into a mainstream market and go for it.

If you already have an online business, make sure that you are working towards your true desired lifestyle.  Constantly focusing your goals on nothing but more money in the bank will just trap you into a lifetime of working for the next level of income.  You’ll be a slave with a lot of cash.  Expand beyond this towards your core desire.  This is what will give your life real quality and true happiness.

Get to your desired lifestyle by outsourcing the hard stuff.  Outsourcing means that you can accomplish hundreds or even thousands of hours of work a week.  This is lightyears more that you could do yourself.  A real business doesn’t need you in there working.  It should be able to run without you.  Being your own boss means that you still have a boss – you, so you’re still not free.  Don’t be your own boss, be an entrapraneur instead!

Copywriting The Right Way Vs The Scary Way

I was perusing Terry Dean’s online business blog today and happened across a hilarious post called “Do You Have HyperCopyitis? ”  It’s not only funny, but it really drives home a point that is so prevalent in copywriting all over the net.

In a very witty way, Terry points out how such an overwhelming number of sales letters are so hyped up that it’s pathetic.  For example, the typical Paypal or Clickbank statements showing thousands of dollars a minute being cranked out because of their super secret system.  Yeah right… I always suspect, whether right or wrong, that those kinds of images are Photoshopped.

Other typical things like the yellow highlighter in every other paragraph, the eighty kazillion exclamation points scattered throughout the copy, and the endless run-on sentences which exhaust your breath, much like the one you’re reading now. 😛

The main point, I believe, that Terry is making in his post is that many copywriters, or those of us who write our own copy, fail to connect with our target audience.

These hyped up sales letters have all the “cool” emotional trigger words, the neat little graphics, the fancy buy button with the cool check box (Yes Jack! Count me in!!!) next to it.  You can hype your product to sound like the biggest thing since sliced bread, but are you really relating to your prospect, or just shouting at him… Buy! Buy! Buy it nowwww!!!

Suppose instead of talking at your visitors, we connected with them instead?  Hmmm.  Imagine  empathizing with your visitors instead.  Gently and indirectly persuading them that your product is just the perfect fit to solve the problem they have.  Not because you jammed your offer down their throat, but because they drew their own conclusions based on how you connected with them.   Because you kept them hanging on to your every word, as one paragraph leads to the next, guiding them down a pathway straight to the buy button.

Terry Dean has interviewed Shaune Clarke, a copywriter who emotionally connects with his audience without gimmicks, exaggeration, or swipe files, as Terry puts it.

What’s even more amazing to me is that Terry Dean has done a 70 minute interview with Shaune Clarke revealing some of his most valued secrets.  This is an amazing interview which is in mp3 format AND transcribed into a .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file as well, so that you can refer to either format!

How much you ask?  Only $10… You know I jumped on this one!  Terry Dean is known as one of the good guys & when you buy from Terry, you’ll always get amazing value.  This is easily the best $10 I’ve ever spent and you can bet I’ll be modifying my own web copy to test the results.

Edit Update Terry Dean informed me (in this post’s comments) that the Interview with Shaune Clarke is now at $15.  As I elaborated in my follow-up comment,  this is $15 well spent many times over.  Even if you have to skip that pizza & coke with your buddies, or pawn that guitar, get this valuable information now.  The price may go up again soon.

Don’t let the affiliate link at the end of the post fool you.  I was really inspired by & believe in this product.  In fact, if you don’t wish to use my affiliate link, then simply go out to http://www.terrydean.org and buy it direct.

If you want to find out more about this, just click on my semi-blatant affiliate link now.

Check This Out

Cool Internet Business Blog AlertKenton Newby has some great suggestions on automating your blog submissions in 4 easy steps.  He covers the value of submitting your blog posts to blog carnivals and has done a review of Xingla Pro as well.

Thanks Kenton, I really appreciate the feedback! 🙂

I regularly visit Kenton’s blog because it’s one of those sites where you can click into any random blog post and you’ll find great information.  Kenton has a unique gift for offering true value in whatever subject he’s covering.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out his online business blog and see for yourself.  The “Internet Basics” category is a great start.  Don’t let the category name fool you, there’s some great tips in there, even for the seasoned entrepreneur.

This guy is one sharp cookie, and I would recommend getting on his subscriber list right away.  Trust me on this one, you won’t be disappointed.

The New Aweber 2 – The Sequel

In my previous post, I was ranting about the steep price increase and asking if you feel the new features are worth the difference in price.  I received a very detailed response from Justin Premick from AWeber.  As promised to Justin I am writing a follow up to his comment.  His points were very well stated and I would like to share them with you here, along with my response.

Here are some excerpts from his comment that I would like to address:

I’d like to state here that we’re not trying to “stuff” you or sneak anything “in through the back door.” AWeber users who joined before May 20th will not be upgraded to the new features and pricing unless they ask us to do so. That’s the reason there was no email about a price increase… because for existing customers, there isn’t an increase. You don’t have to pay any more today for the same AWeber service and features than you did last month. We saw this as a non-issue, and felt that sending an email out about pricing “changes,” when in fact no customer’s pricing has changed, would just serve to confuse and cause undue panic.

I can see the logic in this, but I think the end result was the opposite effect.  It caused an undue panic with many customers because of the surprise.

After receiving Justin’s response, I donned my hip-boots and went trudging into the forum cesspool to see what others had to say about it.  Most of the “panic” that I saw from other subscribers was a result of this not knowing until after the fact.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one that missed the email.

With that said, I was shocked to find out how many people dumped AWeber because of it.  Why?!  AWeber didn’t force this on anyone with an existing account.  I, as a current AWeber customer am free to keep my account just the way it is.  This is a good example of that “forum junkie” mentality, which is the very reason I don’t let myself get caught up in these pointless debates.  It must have been a great month for GetResponse though. 😉

“The price increase is pretty steep. When you average out the cost per lead verses the benefits that you get with the analytics package, is it justifiable? These factors may depend on the size & quality of your list, plus the range of products that you have to offer.”

Well said, though I think it has more to do with quality than size, and with how you use the tools available to you – in other words, how much more effective and profitable can you make your email marketing using these tools?

We feel the answer to that is “a lot” (which is why we developed these tools). One example: you’ll know who did and did not respond which emails, and you can segment and deliver appropriate emails to subscribers based on that knowledge. This alone has great potential to increase your sales and profits far beyond the additional cost for these tools.

I have to say that the power of these tools would have to be impressive.  You can compensate for having a small list with the ability to target and test your list with surgical precision.  You can also segment by time zones!

Until now, analytic tools like these were only available to high dollar businesses with the budgets to pay the big fees to their ESPs.  AWeber has now made these available to everyone.  It seems that the segmentation ability alone would more than pay for itself.  After all, quality will outshine quantity.  In terms of traffic conversions, 5,000 untargeted visitors isn’t nearly as good as having 500 highly targeted visitors.  The same applies to your list – quality vs. quantity.

You can now even get rid of those ugly AWeber tracking links from within your emails.  By using a simple javascript on your website, you can put a clean natural link into your emails which look much less threatening to the paranoid.

Justin also pointed out that for those with lists under 500 leads, the monthly price is actually lower.  $19 per month as opposed to $19.95 per month.

Justin also included a link to AWeber’s analytics info page which gives a great explanation of the benefits you can receive after upgrading.   https://www.aweber.com/users/billing/analytics_upgrade/1

The only flaw that I see at this point is that the tracking features seem to rely on javascript.  This could skew the analytics leaving out the subscribers who have javascript disabled in their browser.  The tracking links in your email messages are also accompanied by an invisible graphic that “talks” to the javascript on your target website.  Many of my own webmail accounts disable the “unsafe” images by default when I view them.  That probably disables this invisible graphic popup as well, thus not allowing the tracking info to get passed along to your stats.

Taking this into consideration, the overall results are still going to give you a pretty accurate assessment of your subscribers, especially as your list gets larger.  If we estimated a very high figure of 10% of your list having javascript disabled or email images blocked, You’d still have about 90% accuracy to work with.

In summary, I think that AWeber’s intention is to offer the very best marketing features possible to their subscribers.  Testing and targeting your campaigns are a must if you want to be successful with your email marketing.  It not only benefits you, but your list members as well.

AWeber has practically dropped this essential element of success right into our laps with this analytics package.  Now there’s simply no excuse not to test and target.  I believe that those who see the value and apply these tools, will be riding the new wave of success using email marketing 2.0.  I plan to catch this wave… how about you? Land lubber, or surfer?