11 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your J.O.B.

Why the heck would you want personal and financial freedom when it's so much more comfortable to have a J.O.B.? Here's 11 advantages to keeping your J.O.B. 11. If things go wrong, you can blame someone else 10. It's nice to be patted on the head in appreciation for your 70 hour weeks 9. You can keep a low profile and blend in with 4 billion other people 8. You can avoid those menacing beaches in the Bahamas and that awful sunshine 7. You can maintain a healthy marriage with your TV set in the evenings 6. That six-pack just goes down better after a hard day's labor 5. Making someone else rich gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside 4. Patterns of complacency are comfortable, kinda like that morning slumber 3. Invisible Handcuffs like Health Insurance, 401k plan, Vacation days are just plain comfortable 2. The alarm clock industry would be devastated if everyone quit their J.O.B.s 1. You don't have to mess with stuff like quality time with your wife and kids or that life of joy. Give that 2/3 of your life to "the Man" instead. Ok, are you ready to give yourself a promotion and devote more time to your business or keep it as business as usual? Everything in life is YOUR choice. Your current situation whether good or bad was created by your past actions and decisions. A good start is giving your TV the heave-ho. I've also been guilty of letting the TV distract me as background noise once in a while even though I'm not much of a fan. Regular mindless television will merely contribute to your complacency and brainwashing. Think of it as a life sucking vampire bent on keeping you down in the cycle of debt. If you only watch TV 2 hours a day, that adds up to 14 hours a week, or 28 days of your life every year! Now let's assume that you take this same 2 hours every day and apply it towards reaching your goal of a prosperous internet business. Maybe you're new to the game. Now you've just claimed back that 14 hours a week to learn the ropes. You have to ask yourself what's more important? Your television, or your financial and personal freedom? When you're old and haggard are you going to look back on your life knowing that you did your best, or cry about all the time that you pissed away wallowing in the world of TV? Now is the time to do something about it! Stop right now and make your master plan for what you will do today. Don't get worked up about accomplishing everything in one day. Take it one step at a time, keep focused on your goals, and stay away from the "gurus" with the latest and the greatest. If you can get a mentor who has already made it, all the better. Now go build your empire!